Why Conversational Recruiting is Worth More than Just a Conversation



The concept of “conversational recruiting” has made a small, but an impactful mark on the world of talent acquisition in the last few years. It’s impactful because companies have had genuine, measurable success by reaching candidates wherever they are and using the preferred language, so to speak, of their candidates.

But it has been small because some leaders have dismissed the idea as a buzzword. They see conversational recruiting as a trend that can require new technology, can be difficult to manage, and simply may not be for them.

With 2020 quickly approaching, it’s time to take a deeper look at how using conversational recruiting can fit into your talent acquisition strategy by jumpstarting your candidate experience in the new year and making life easier for your recruitment teams.

Here are some benefits to AI-driven messages to keep in mind as you start planning for the new year:

Starting conversational recruiting isn’t as challenging as some think.

Probably the most talked-about idea across recruitment, HR, and talent acquisition in 2019 was “candidate experience.” And you can’t talk about candidate experience without talking about personalization. Chances are your company has invested in some level of personalization, whether that means directing content to specific targeted audiences, creating personalized ads for specifics regions, etc. Conversational recruiting is a type of evolution because it takes personalization to the micro-moments — to the parts of the recruiting process that candidates tend to remember the most.

We hope that our larger personalization efforts are remembered, but it’s more likely that the moments where a candidate is directly texting a recruiter or hiring manager are what sticks in their minds the most and persuades them to accept a position. Small changes, like using emojis in messages, have proven to help candidates communicate better and feel more comfortable throughout the process.

Conversational recruiting gets an upgrade with smart automation.

Some people can find personalization and conversational recruiting and AI and automation contradictory. Isn’t the purpose of personal and conversational communication that it builds strong connections? That it relies on human-to-human contact and relationships? We enthusiastically say, “Yes!” And we also say that the idea of sending AI-powered texts do not mean a lack of human connection. Responsible AI and automation should allow for a more intentional and powerful interaction because it means candidates receive responses fast and are immediately engaged. That’s always the start of a great connection.

Ultimately, creating automated texts keep candidates updated throughout the hiring process, qualifies candidates quickly and meaningfully, reduces hiring time, and results in the best candidates becoming fulfilled and engaged employees.

See how you can reach the best candidates with conversational recruiting.

As 2020 approaches, we believe we will see more organizations move from merely talking about conversational recruiting to implementing it as an integral part of their recruiting and HR efforts. If you’re interested in conversational recruiting, please reach out! We’d love to help you get started.

And if you want to see more stats about the effectiveness of AI-powered text and read more details about the tools Talemetry uses to help build and implement a conversational recruiting approach, check out our datasheet.

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