Why Career Site Visitor Behavior Matters to Candidate Conversion


In the world of B2B or B2C marketing, digital marketers are constantly measuring data and analytics around website visitor behavior. Understanding where visitors are spending their time, what content they are viewing most, and what pages they are interacting with is essential in knowing how to engage with potential customers in future interactions. The modern marketer recognizes that the way in which visitors interact with their digital and web content determines how the relationship may progress and develop over time.

So how can recruiters learn from this perspective? Let’s start off with the basics by first examining why your career site is so important to recruitment.

Your Career Site Is Your Hub for Recruiting

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All candidate roads eventually lead to your career site. So maintaining a strong digital presence is essential to engaging and interacting with candidates wherever they are in their journey. Visitors to your career site are seeking information that tells them what it’s like to work for your company. So by investing in a targeted, mobile and social-friendly career site that showcases your employer brand, you can engage talent while providing deeper insight into your organizational culture.

Today’s career sites are also more advanced than ever before. With the right candidate experience solutions, you can deliver targeted content based on specific talent segments and customize them to deliver personalized content. You can also attract more candidates with search engine optimized sites and job listings to drive traffic to your career site. By treating your career site as the hub for your recruitment efforts, you can adopt a modern recruiting approach that engages candidates and puts your employer brand front and center to attract top talent.

Your Career Site Is Key to Candidate Conversion

Your career site also represents the biggest opportunity you have to convert individuals who visit your career site. Conversion, in its most foundational sense, means capturing information from candidates to increase what you know about them. Conversion, then, is the end goal of engagement. And it can mean all types of candidate interactions, including applying for a job, joining a talent network, signing up for job alerts, or even passive conversion, like gathering information to personalize the candidate journey.

So why is conversion on your career site so important? Because as much time and money as you spend on recruiting talent, building a career site, posting jobs, or advertising your positions, you must be able to convert into outcomes. And that starts by converting unknown visitors into known visitors so you can track their behavior on your career site—and then continue to convert them along their candidate journey.

Think of it from the modern marketer’s perspective. If you are going to spend money on advertising, then you must find a way to capture those leads coming in. Otherwise, it’s absolutely throwing your money out the door. If you’re not able to speak to conversion on your career site, then you are missing the point with your talent acquisition initiatives.

Unfortunately, the candidate conversion outlook is fairly grim. Based on the recent Talemetry Fortune 500 Candidate Conversion Audit, only four percent of Fortune 500 companies are demonstrating best practices when it comes to conversion. But nearly 60 percent of these large enterprise organizations receive a failing grade in their efforts to convert candidates in the recruitment process.

And Conversion Starts By Understanding Career Site Visitor Behavior

With such a dismal outlook on candidate conversion, you may feel like it’s hopeless to convert candidates on your career site. But remember, data provides knowledge. And knowledge transforms insight into action. So you must first understand what visitors on your career site are doing, how they are interacting with your content and what jobs they are viewing to identify how you can convert them along their journey.

One way to gain more insight is to first determine who is actually visiting your career site to understand their online behavior. With this knowledge, you can easily create a list of visitors and then filter that list according to their behavior. When you determine how and when candidates are engaging with your career site, you can then segment those visitors in your candidate relationship management (CRM) system to identify how you can reach out to them, offer further support or encourage them to take the next step to apply. Using the information you gather on candidates can help you directly communicate with them and tailor your recruitment messages to your most engaged visitors.

Remember, your ultimate goal should be getting career site visitors to opt into your talent network and to eventually apply for your open positions. So the emphasis of tracking visitor behavior should be on capturing information to increase what you know about candidates each step of the process so you can nurture them through their entire candidate experience and convert them along the way.

How To Start Tracking Career Site Visitor Behavior

As you contemplate how you can strategically leverage what you know about your career site visitors to improve your candidate conversion rates, it’s inevitable that you will seek out a solution that integrates with your CRM. And that’s why we are thrilled to announce that the all-new Talemetry Career Site ID is the latest feature now offered in our enterprise recruitment marketing platform. Career Site ID gives you deep insight and visibility into career site visitor behavior to segment candidates and nurture your most engaged through Talemetry Source & CRM.

With Talemetry Career Site ID, you can easily identify how and when individual candidates are engaging with your career site content. You can also discover single jobs or groups of jobs that your candidates are interested in, and segment your candidates by relevant career site data in your CRM. Then you can use that information to directly communicate and tailor recruitment messages to your most engaged visitors. By leveraging Career Site ID along with a personalized browsing experience, you can increase candidate conversion and drive a modern recruiting experience for your organization.

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