Use iCIMS? Here Are 5 Ways to Attract and Engage More Candidates


iCIMS has been a challenger in the applicant tracking system (ATS) world for quite some time now. The company’s charismatic CEO Colin Day has made it his personal mission to capture market share from top ATS providers, like Taleo. According to his company profile, iCIMS boasts of nearly 4,000 clients, 800 employees and $200M in annual recurring revenue, and is growing 'three times faster than the overall market.’ This growth has come organically and through the laser focus and hard work attributed to Day. Yet in an HR Exec article featuring iCIMS, Bill Kutik describes the difficulty the company will likely have in catching up to market-leader Taleo, noting the ‘chase to beat Taleo in market share may be hard to realize’ because of the double-digit gap Taleo has over iCIMS.

Over the company’s two-decade rise, many organizations have selected iCIMS for their applicant tracking needs, most notably, according to Kutik, Microsoft as ‘the jewel in its crown,’ and Amazon, switching from Taleo to iCIMS. However, Kutik continues that ‘Colin came a little late to the idea that the center of value in TA [talent acquisition] has shifted away from the ATS to recruitment marketing.’ And even though iCIMS now offers iCIMS Connect, its candidate relationship management tool, less than one-fifth of the iCIMS customer base has adopted the technology, according to Kutik.

Five Ways to Get More Candidates into iCIMS Recruit

Even with these offerings from iCIMS, many organizations are finding themselves not getting enough quality candidates and are left wondering how to improve recruiting in their organization. The real question is, if you use iCIMS, how can you attract and engage more candidates to get them into your ATS? Or more simply, how can you leverage leading recruitment marketing technology to thrive in a competitive market? Here’s a list of five ways that will enable you to do just that:

#1: Invest in Your Own Talent Database

Working within the iCIMS environment, you need a way to build your own proprietary talent database of candidates from multiple sources so you can have ready access to talent, effectively engage candidates and nurture them through to the apply process. Leveraging an integrated recruitment marketing platform, like the leading enterprise platform from Talemetry, you can build your own talent database from internal and external sources where you find top talent. Then you can search all of your talent sources for candidates and add them to current jobs or pipelines for future hiring.


You can also segment your talent database to develop targeted outreach through outbound marketing. By building relationships with individuals in your talent database and delivering engaging content to candidates, you can continue to nurture them throughout the recruitment process. This addresses one of the primary challenges you may have now with iCIMS, transforming your organization into a 24/7 recruiting and sourcing machine.

#2: Provide a Personalized Candidate Experience

Organizations using iCIMS are typically limited in their ability to deploy a more personalized candidate experience and often lack a full content management system to amplify their employee value proposition (EVP) content and employer brand. At a time when candidate expectations now mirror consumer-quality experiences, your organization must get smarter in how it interacts with candidates and begin converting candidates at an individual level.

So how can you gain insight into individual interactions with your content? It takes the right technology to identify how and when individual candidates are engaging with your recruitment messaging. Modernizing candidate engagement through AI powered experiences from Talemetry, you can leverage all your candidate data to personalize and contextualize content on your career site to individuals, and then integrate that into our native CRM platform for candidate outreach. Using this information to directly communicate with and tailor recruitment messages to individual candidates empowers you to start personalizing each candidate journey and improve conversion results at the individual level.

#3: Prioritize Machine Learning from Google 

To drive more career site traffic and engagement, Google Cloud offers Cloud Talent Solution. This AI solution automatically detects and infers using a variety of data. The integration of Talemetry Career Sites with Cloud Talent Solution surpasses standard keyword searches by offering machine learning to better understand the intent of candidates in their job search process in more than 100 languages. This directly impacts career site engagement and increases overall candidate conversion. Talemetry also supports the MOS Code Functionality that allows US military service members and veterans to enter their military occupational specialty code (MOS, AFSC, NEC) on Talemetry customer career sites, and find relevant civilian jobs that require similar skills used in their military roles.

#4: Focus on Candidate Conversion 

Conversion should be the goal of every interaction with your candidates, and it can take many forms in recruiting. Whether it’s getting candidates to sign up for job alerts, opt in to your talent network, register for an event or eventually to apply for open positions with iCIMS Recruit, the emphasis of your conversion efforts should be on capturing information to increase what you know about candidates each step of the recruitment process. Check out our Fortune 500 Candidate Conversion Audit Insights Report to learn how you can more effectively convert candidates throughout their talent journey. Companies that leverage Talemetry solutions see on average application conversion rates at more than 70 percent, compared to the 20 to 30 percent industry standard. 

#5: Start Measuring Recruiting Analytics

To make your investment in iCIMS more valuable for recruiting, you have to be able to measure what is working. You need integrated analytics that identify true source-to-hire data, identify your most effective campaigns and determine where your best talent is coming from. Getting pre-application data is essential to leverage and it's only possible with an enterprise recruitment marketing solution, like the award-winning platform offered by Talemetry.


Talemetry offers robust, real-time recruiting analytics to track the effectiveness of your recruiting efforts. This means you can measure and refine candidate sourcing activity, improve candidate engagement, pinpoint roadblocks and drive recruiting effectiveness.

Optimize Your iCIMS Investment with the Leader in Recruitment Marketing Technology

If you want to ensure your investment in iCIMS pays off, then you need to work with the leader in enterprise recruitment marketing technology with an award-winning methodology to guarantee your recruitment marketing success. And as part of the iCIMS Partner Ecosystem, Talemetry is a trusted partner on the iCIMS UNIFi Marketplace.  Remember, when you choose to optimize your tech stack, you can drive efficiencies and make recruiting more valuable and effective for your organization, for your recruiters, and most importantly, for your candidates.

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