Three Tips for Making the Recruitment Process More Collaborative


Picture this. You’re a recruiter and you’re ready to start looking for a consultant for your financial services company. The position is new to you and you’re working with a hiring manager that you haven’t interacted with much previously. Based on the job description, you feel fairly confident that you know what type of candidate to look for. But as you start identifying potential candidates that you think the hiring manager will really be interested in, you keep getting push back that the candidates don’t have the right skills or background. After several interviews, you can sense the frustration from the hiring manager that you’re not providing type of candidates with the right knowledge, abilities or experience level. Communication starts to break down. You’re frustrated, and so is the hiring manager. It’s been more than month and you still haven’t delivered the ideal candidate.

This all-too-common scenario is unfortunately becoming the norm rather than the exception in recruiting. A recent article fromMaking the recruitment process more collaborative SHRM indicates, “the working relationship between recruiters and hiring managers can often be strained by poor communication, especially when recruiting for tough-to-fill roles. Eighty percent of recruiters believe they have a good understanding of the jobs they're recruiting for, yet 61 percent of hiring managers disagree.” With nearly two-thirds of hiring managers reporting that recruiters lack understanding in what is required to find the ideal candidate, there should be a better way to communicate, collaborate and create mutual understanding between recruiters and hiring managers at the beginning and throughout the entire recruitment process.

We’ve come up with three essential tips that you can use to make the recruitment process more collaborative, more proactive, and more focused on delivering results to optimize your recruiting performance:

#1: Get hiring managers involved sooner

Streamlining the recruitment process means making sure everyone is aligned before you begin searching for the right candidate. As a recruiter or a sourcer, you need to be confident that you are aligned to the needs and wants of your hiring manager before you even start looking. Collaborate together from the start so you can gain key insight into the knowledge, skills, abilities and experiences needed for ideal candidates. Making sure the hiring manager is part of the process from the get-go will not only save you time, but also considerable effort in the long run.

#2: Ask for frequent feedback

In your current role as recruiter, it’s pretty difficult to track feedback from your hiring manager to ensure you’re sourcing better candidates for open positions or for pipelining future roles. But it’s critical that you’re able to capture their feedback to make sure you’re on the right track to finding great candidates. By seeking input from your hiring manager, you can identify the best candidates early on and dial down on specialty candidates to fill your most challenging roles. Sharing and reviewing feedback in an ongoing basis will help you get the right prospective talent faster and expedite the recruitment process.

#3: Communicate effectively and often

Ensuring that you have an open channel for constant communication is key in delivering a successful recruiting outcome. You need a communication system that is easy to use, easy to manage, and integrates with your other recruiting processes. It’s no secret that recruiters are often frustrated that there is no easy way to communicate with a hiring manager or share potential candidates. By leveraging the right technology, you can establish a standard for streamlined communication between you and the hiring manager, and easily track your interactions throughout the entire process.

Collaboration Starts with Innovative Technology

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Collaborating throughout the recruitment process feels like a big hurdle to overcome. But with more than 60 percent of hiring managers dissatisfied with the understanding recruiters have in finding talent, something has to change. And that’s why we’re thrilled to offer a solution to this challenge.

The all-new Talemetry Collaborate feature, as part of our enterprise recruitment marketing platform, gives you the opportunity to save time and effort by ensuring you’re on the right track to finding great candidates who fit your hiring needs. Our new tool empowers you to involve hiring managers early on in the recruiting process, makes providing feedback a snap and establishes a streamlined way to communicate effectively together. By tracking feedback and engaging your hiring managers and other key stakeholders sooner, you can more effectively optimize your recruiting performance to drive results for your organization.


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