Three Reasons Personalization Transforms the Candidate Experience


In ‘My Life and Work’ by Henry Ford, the industrial pioneer and businessman recalled his announcement during a meeting with his sales team in 1909. He famously stated, ‘any customer can have a car painted any colour that he wants so long as it is black.’ It was during this meeting that Mr. Ford made his intentions known to focus on building just one type of car model—the Model T—a car that would appeal to the masses, would be affordable to anyone and would be large enough for everyone. The success of his vision is well known. In less than 20 years, Ford produced more than 15 million Model Ts across four continents and became a legend in the auto industry.

Personalize your career siteLooking back at the last 100 years, we’ve certainly come a long way. With the rise of consumerism during the last century, individuals today have come to expect personalized experiences in their interactions with corporations. No more one-size-fits-all product or one-size-fits-all appeal. And definitely no more broad generalizations on consumer demand like Mr. Ford employed in the early days of the automobile.

It’s also why companies today that focus on delivering tailored, individualized experiences, like Amazon and Netflix, are winning in today’s challenging consumer market. Consumers today have many choices on where to spend their time, their money and their resources—and modern marketers know that contextualizing content is one key way to customize digital experiences and better convert prospects into customers.

The Translation for Modern Recruitment

The personalized, consumer-centric approach adopted by modern marketers must also become a cornerstone of modern recruitment. In our last blog, we examined why career site visitor behavior matters to candidate conversion. We made the connection between your career site, online candidate behavior and conversion overall. In this week’s blog, we want to take this a step further.

So let’s take a look at three key reasons why personalizing the candidate experience, particularly in your online, social and digital recruiting efforts, will transform the recruiting industry and revolutionize the candidate journey:

1) Personalization enables you to move beyond audience generalizations.

One important concept for recruiters and talent acquisition professionals to understand is that candidates do not want to be defined solely as part of a generalized audience, but rather as individuals. You are probably used to focusing on strategic audiences and then using those audiences for outreach. This is common practice. But personalizing is likely a less familiar and less comfortable concept in your day-to-day recruiting efforts.

Business Insider defines personalization as ‘the optimizing of experiences and messages to individuals themselves—not the group they belong to.’ Think rather of being able to welcome someone by name on your career site or tailor a call to action specifically for an individual you know is a diversity candidate. That is the power of personalization. Using cutting-edge recruitment marketing technology, like Talemetry Career Site ID, part of the enterprise recruitment marketing platform from Talemetry, the options for personalized candidate experiences are virtually limitless.

2)  Personalization empowers you to convert candidates on an individual level.

At a time when candidate expectations now mirror consumer-grade experiences, recruiting organizations must get smarter in how they interact with candidates and move their strategies forward to begin converting candidates on an individual level. Yes, having comprehension of what your strategic audiences are doing is important. But knowing how each individual is interacting with your content enables you to create a highly personalized, exceptional candidate experience, and then take action on that knowledge for converting candidates at the individual level. 

So how do you gain insight into individual interactions with your content? It takes the right technology to identify how and when individual candidates are engaging with your recruitment messaging. With solutions like Career Site ID, you can leverage all your candidate data to personalize and contextualize content on your career site to individuals, and then integrate that into your broader candidate relationship management (CRM) platform for candidate outreach. Using this information to directly communicate with and tailor recruitment messages to individual candidates empowers you to start personalizing each candidate journey and improve conversion results at the individual level.

3) Personalization heightens your level of recruitment marketing maturity and effectiveness.

Recruiting organizations that are operating at a less mature level of recruitment marketing are likely not yet thinking about how they can convert each candidate individually or optimize the candidate conversion process. But companies that have moved to a higher level of recruitment marketing maturity recognize that delivering a tailored candidate experience—much like in the consumer world—will experience increased candidate conversion rates and attract more of the right talent at the right time for their organization.

Improving the effectiveness of your recruitment marketing function, based on the EVOLVESM Recruitment Marketing Maturity and Efficiency Framework, requires you to consider how delivering a personalized candidate experience will increase engagement with your individual job seekers and streamline your recruiting process. Organizations that understand and value each candidate as an individual can create more genuine relationships from a single, consolidated candidate profile and then deliver a consumer-grade candidate experience through industry-leading platform innovations, like Career Site ID—moving the needle on their level of recruitment marketing maturity.

Start Personalizing Your Candidate Experience with Integrated Technology 

Now that you’ve taken a deeper dive into why personalizing the candidate experience is essential to creating a modern recruiting experience, we hope you’ll take time to learn how innovative recruitment marketing platform technology can improve the efficiency of your recruiting function. With industry-leading platform technologies like Talemetry Career Site ID, you can increase your candidate conversion rates and drive recruiting efficiencies across your organization. Most importantly, you can differentiate your organization in a saturated employer market by creating an exceptional candidate experience that is personalized and tailored for each individual. After all, history tells us that breakthroughs like this can—and will—revolutionize an entire industry.  

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