Three Key Elements for Recruitment Marketing Success


Part 1 of the Advancing Your People, Processes and Technology Series

To be successful in recruitment marketing, you need three things. You need a trusted partner with experts who can share their insights and knowledge. You need best practice process that you can easily leverage. And you need leading-edge technology to drive efficiencies and performance. Over the course of the next several weeks, we’ll be highlighting aspects of each of these three elements throughout the Advancing Your People, Processes and Technology Series. It’s part of our focus on innovation in recruitment marketing as the leading enterprise recruitment marketing provider in the industry and our commitment to continue investing in new platform functionality to make our customers successful.

Defining the Right People, Processes and Technology

So what do we mean by the right people, processes and technology for success? The right people mean subject matter experts and thought leaders that will guide you and your organization each step of the way with ongoing learning opportunities, training and professional development. The right processes mean best practices, an award-winning framework to ensure recruitment marketing results, and quarterly business reviews to optimize your strategies. And the right technology means new, innovative functionality that leverages the best in modernizing candidate engagement and delivering hyper-personalized experiences. But really, it’s these three elements working together that create a win for your company and your candidates.

people-process-technologyWe are thrilled to highlight some really exciting people, process and technology announcements over the coming weeks from Talemetry. So stay tuned for our featured blog series and the exciting webinar we will host with well-known industry analyst, Madeline Laurano, Aptitude Research, our own Vice President of Product Management, Andrew Cunsolo, and our Director of Customer Success, Amy Hughes in mid-June. For now, we want to take time to let you in on some great new features and functionality now available in the latest product release from Talemetry.

New Innovative Functionality from the Talemetry Platform

Today we’re excited to introduce some really cool new features in our enterprise platform that advance analytics capabilities, enhance our Source & CRM product, and improve configurability in our Job Broadcast module. Here’s a brief description of each of these exciting new features:

View Enhanced Job Notification Subscription Analytics

In order to maximize the return on your job alerts, you need to dial in on their performance. So we’re delivering new analytics that provide a comprehensive report to highlight the performance of your job alerts created, job alerts sent, email analytics and source tracking analytics. Plus with an in-product download CSV report, you can view active job notifications by date range and filter by career site.

Do More with Custom Fields on Candidates

As a recruiter, you want to be able to edit candidate data once it is part of your CRM. That’s why we’ve enhanced the ability to edit custom and standard fields on candidates so you can use that data in your recruiting and sourcing efforts. This includes filtering candidates or seeing that data when viewing candidate profiles. Any edits or activities are automatically recorded, and will be shown on the Activity Report when updated. 

Get a Complete View of Candidates with Additional Attachments 

Non-resume attachments that supplement a candidate’s profile are essential in supporting overall recruiting and sourcing efforts. So our new functionality allows additional attachments to be collected from Talemetry Apply Workflow or synced from an ATS, and then stored on the candidate profile. Users can also view and edit attachment descriptions.

Capture External Candidate Communication

To track external communications between recruiters and candidates, Talemetry is now enabling email forwarding or BCC for recruiters. This allows a forwarded email per recruiter to accept external messages with candidates, parse that message and then attach it to the appropriate candidate profile. This enables recruiters to ensure all communications are captured within Talemetry for easy reference. email-communication-with-candidates

Enable Marketing with Custom Fields on Jobs

If recruitment marketers or event managers need to create jobs that are not coming from the ATS, or have an event career site, they may need to update job custom fields to ensure that the jobs go to the career site or job boards based on the job list rules. That’s why Talemetry can now display custom fields on a job to ensure that all information remains accurate and is editable.

Keep Optimizing Your People, Processes and Technology

The innovations in Talemetry’s latest product release enable enterprise organizations to advance their recruitment marketing technology to deliver better, faster and more cost-effective hires. Stay tuned for more exciting announcements over the course of the next several weeks so you can learn how to best leverage your people, processes and technology to enhance your recruitment marketing success.



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