The Split Personalities of Candidate Profiles


When it comes to recruiting CRM, many candidate profiles have the recruiting equivalent of multiple personality disorder. Candidates are coached (rightly so) to tailor each resume they submit to the job they are applying for.

So when you download that candidate profile from into your recruiting CRM, it may be "Administrative Sally." But when you invite her to apply for a job, she might upload a resume for "Technical Sally." Or when she joins your talent network, suddenly she's "Creative Sally."

You get the picture. One person, one email address, multiple resume personalities.

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So how do you slay this this multi-headed Hydra of fractured candidate profiles? Many CRMs and applicant tracking systems simply use the LIFO model for candidate information. For those of you who remember your accounting 101, LIFO stands for Last In, First Out.

So many systems just overwrite all candidate information with the latest and greatest. But that means that all that additional information and resume data that gets replaced is gone forever.

That's an elegant solution for the people that develop your recruiting CRM and your ATS, but maybe not so much for those of us using those systems.

What happened to "Technical Sally?" All we have now is "Creative Sally" and you just missed out on a potential engineering candidate because Sally just happens to have a broad skillset.

Enter the Consolidated Profile

The better way to handle this is to merge profiles of all the various personas the candidate presents as they engage with your organization. Each resume stored for viewing and each piece of data merged into one consolidated profile that can be searched and viewed from multiple different perspectives.

Now, you can return "Creative Sally" in that front end UI engineer position search and still find "Technical Sally" in that Database Administrator search. Plus you can see that Sally's split personality is actually an asset to your workforce. You can view each resume as it was intended AND view a single profile with all her data in it.

The Devil's in the Details

New Call-to-actionThis kind of issue is one that is almost never identified PRIOR to acquiring an ATS or a recruiting CRM system. Never, unless you've worked extensively with a system that has this shortcoming.

It certainly doesn't show up in RFPs or feature comparisons.

Most often, when capability overlaps with strategy, you want strategy to rule the day. And a good strategy for dealing with candidates in today's relationship recruiting models is to let candidates show you all their sides.

In addition to demanding that your technology lets you see the candidates' many sides through consolidated profiles, it's often a good idea to let candidates edit their social profiles if they use them to apply for jobs or opt in to talent networks.

And the reason for that is, of course, mobile recruiting. Increasingly, candidates want, and need, to apply for jobs via mobile devices. But as we've reported, many don't take advantage of mobile-enablers like using their LinkedIn profile to apply, because they believe that they will not be able to customize that profile to the job they're applying for.

That's why you need to demand that your technology supports this kind of capability.

All these candidates with multiple personalities are not going away. And if you can only see one side of their capabilities, you're likely missing out on hiring some great employees.

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