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As Tina Turner would say, we’re “simply the best,” when it comes to ATS integrations. We know, we know. It sounds aggressive, which is not usually like us. But we do believe there are certain people and, in our case, organizations that inspire such a power ballad because it’s true — and they proved it. Why else would such a confident, successful, chart-topping diva repeat that line over and over again?

Okay. We’ll begrudgingly move away from our Tina Turner obsession and spend some time proving why Talemetry + Workday is simply the best when it comes to a cohesive talent acquisition tech ecosystem. Because these days, Workday has made recruitment marketing a priority, which is why we love them and have worked with them for years. Here’s why the Talemetry and Workday integration has and will continue to drive better candidate experiences and conversions than any other, while making recruiter’s lives easier and way more efficient.

1) We provide harmonious integrations and tried-and-true implementations

We’re proud to boast of a mature organization that has been a part of in-depth ATS integrations for 15 years. And with age comes experience and innovations that have developed over partnerships with enterprise customers with needs ranging from pre-hire, sourcing, interviewing, retention, recruitment marketing, and more.

Working with brands like CME and RBS means we’ve successfully integrated and implemented across industries and various business goals. And Talemetry has built some of the most senior implementation teams that come with significant recruitment marketing platform expertise and ongoing support with QBRs. We also provide extensive expert support including regular projects, services, and strategic reviews; continual technical support; and campaign acceleration services.

Plus, because we’ve been working with Workday for so long, we have a deep understanding of its systems and infrastructure, which means we can seamlessly help our customers migrate from their existing ATS integration to Workday. We also provide our customers with multi-lingual and bi-directional data integrations that are cost-effective and fast. In fact, we can have your integration running the same day as the Integration User credentials are received.

2) We were the first in the talent space to have a marketing-first mentality — and build a successful framework around it.

While we are happy with the maturity and experiences we bring to the table, our maturity could never be confused for being old-fashioned. Before most talent companies were “thinking like marketers” and approaching their candidates with a “consumer-like” approach, Talemetry made that foundational. And we recognized the industry needed guidance in the early stages. We could see that companies had a wide array of goals and different levels of interest or capacity for consultation.

We created the EVOLVE Maturity & Efficiency Self-Assessment so companies could, you guessed it, grow and become more efficient in a way that makes sense for them. It’s self-guided, award-winning, and free to use. What’s not to love?

"EVOLVE makes candidate conversion actionable, not overwhelming. And it gives companies a specific framework of what they need to do and the strategies to do it, so they can achieve success."

— Madeline Laurano, Co-Founder and Chief Research Officer, Aptitude Research Partners

3) We don’t just offer automation. We insist on smart automation.

Automation is a hot topic right now and for good reason. With the tightest labor market in years, companies started realizing they needed to work quickly. That was important for us to provide our customers, too, but just as important as working quickly is working intelligently.

It’s not enough to use automation to speed up the process of de-duplicating data or auto-tagging candidate profiles, though those are certainly good places to start. To get ahead of competitors, your automation needs to be smart and include features of AI-powered text and bots in every stage of recruiting for the best end-to-end candidate experience.

These days, it’s not simply about being able to automate data. It’s about using automation to communicate with candidates that are active, passive, hard-to-fill, high-volume, and everything in between. Imagine being able to schedule automated texts to candidates reminding them of upcoming interviews and increasing your show-up rates. Or imagine being able to set up drip campaigns that keep passive candidates warm in the funnel, so when they look for their next opportunity, they’re already thinking about you.

With Talemetry and Workday, you don’t have to imagine what it’s like to get candidates AND recruiters the right information at just the right moments.

4) We’re here for you as candidates evolve from job seekers to employees.

While some talent organizations are just now starting to build their products and processes around the new world of candidate-driven strategies, the forward-thinking organizations are starting to focus on turning an amazing candidate experience into an equally delightful employee experience.

The excited chatter around employee experience isn’t surprising. People are starting to realize that things like employee referral programs and strong internal mobility programs are vital to ensure that the time, money, and resources invested in developing a modern and consumer-like candidate experience pay off. And who doesn’t want to work alongside happy and fulfilled colleagues?

Ultimately, you have to ensure that the same personalized experiences you offered candidates during the recruiting process remain intact after they have become employees. It’s not necessarily rocket science, but you do need the right partner and integrations to do it effectively.

If you use Workday, we’re the proven platform for taking your recruitment marketing efforts to new heights with an integration overseen by some of the most experienced experts in the industry and a commitment to candidate experiences that is unparalleled.

We’d love to show you even more ways Talemetry + Workday can work for you, so check out our webinar to learn how to implement effective strategies to capture more candidates in Workday Recruiting. And don’t hesitate to reach out to our team with any questions!



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