Talemetry Supports New Functionality in Google Cloud Talent Solution Featuring Job Search in Over 100 Languages


Just this week, Google Cloud announced that Cloud Talent Solution is adding new functionality to its job search API to help companies reach even more candidates and improve workforce inclusiveness by supporting job search in more than 100 languages. Talemetry is excited to support this new functionality as part of our Candidate Experience Solutions. Customers that use the Talemetry Career Sites solution can now leverage this benefit of enhanced language support from Google on their career sites to enhance candidate job search.

Taking Job Search to the Next Level 

The new functionality from Cloud Talent Solution makes the job search process more inclusive and ensures companies can reach candidates in their preferred languages. According to Google:

To help companies reach candidates in whatever language they choose to speak, we’ve improved our support for job searches in more than 100 different languages by returning the relevant job postings that are often written in English. This way, employers and job sites can ensure they aren’t deterring users who prefer to search in a language other than that of the job posting originally.

Candidates can enter their search queries in over 100 languages, and see their results in English as well. This ensures employers are not excluding candidates who prefer to search in a language different than the original job posting. Supporting candidates based on their individual preferences and personalizing their job search enhances candidate engagement and delivers the types of experiences candidates expect and deserve. 

Supporting-Google-Cloud-Talent-Solution-100-languagesLeveraging the Google Translate API, the new functionality supports those enterprise organizations seeking new strategies to enhance their diversity & inclusion hiring initiatives. And it means those companies leveraging Cloud Talent Solution through Talemetry Career Sites can extend their reach for talent, prioritize strategic audiences, like D&I candidates, and ensure their talent acquisition efforts are more inclusive. 

“Showing candidates you value them at the individual level is essential to optimizing candidate conversion. By offering job search in more than 100 languages, this new functionality demonstrates the importance of personalizing the job search experience,” said Pete Sanidas, VP, Revenue. “We are thrilled to make this experience available to Talemery Career Sites customers alongside Google Cloud.”

Extending the Collaboration Between Talemetry and Google Cloud

Talemetry has integrated with Cloud Talent Solution since last summer to improve the candidate experience and drive candidate conversion results. This integration means that Talemetry customers can easily access Google Cloud machine learning on Talemetry Career Sites to maximize career site traffic, enhance the candidate experience and improve application conversion rates.

Talemetry also supports the MOS Code Functionality that allows US military service members and veterans to enter their military occupational specialty code (MOS, AFSC, NEC) on Talemetry customer career sites, and find relevant civilian jobs that require similar skills used in their military roles.

The new language functionality can be made available to any Talemetry Career Sites customers interested in the new job search feature as part of Cloud Talent Solution.




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