Talemetry Supports Google Cloud Talent Solution In Making Remote Opportunities More Discoverable


When Google Cloud announced last month that Cloud Talent Solution is adding new functionality to improve the job search experience for remote work, Talemetry was thrilled to begin offering this new functionality to customers as part of our Candidate Experience Solutions. Customers that use the Talemetry Career Sites solution can now make remote work opportunities in the U.S. more discoverable on their career sites. And that’s big news for companies who want to expand their talent pools, regardless of where candidates are located.

Enhancing the Job Search Experience for Remote Workers

Whether it’s called telework, remote work, telecommuting, or work from home, the new functionality from Cloud Talent Solution enables job seekers to more accurately discover opportunities for remote work on career sites using this new search capability. According to Google Cloud:

To help employers and recruitment platforms connect with candidates who need more flexibility…we are announcing an improved job search experience that allows our customers to make remote work opportunities in the U.S. more discoverable on their career sites. This functionality supports users who search for jobs with terms like ‘work from home’ or ‘WFH’ and returns the relevant jobs that may be labeled differently as ‘remote’ or ‘telecommute.’


According to FlexJobs, 43 percent of U.S. workers work remotely at least some of the time, up from just 9 percent in 2007. That means a significant number of candidates searching for remote work opportunities will expect career site searches to match their related queries. However, Google Cloud found that through user studies, ‘most remote jobs were not clearly labeled,’ making it ‘difficult to detect and return remote opportunities.’ Ensuring these types of telework jobs are more discoverable allows companies that offer remote positions to connect and engage with talent more easily.

‘Supporting candidates searching for remote work goes beyond just the position itself. It often empowers talent looking for these roles to achieve greater work-life blend, whether it’s for military spouses, caretakers or even just greater overall job flexibility,’ said Andrew Cunsolo, VP, Product Management. ‘We are thrilled to support Google Cloud in making this experience available to Talemery Career Site customers.

Increasing Collaboration Between Talemetry and Google Cloud

In addition to this new functionality, Talemetry also fully integrates with Cloud Talent Solution to improve the candidate experience and drive candidate conversion results. Talemetry supports MOS Code Functionality that allows U.S. military service members and veterans to enter their military occupational specialty code (MOS, AFSC, NEC) on Talemetry customer career sites, and find relevant civilian jobs. And our platform also integrates with Cloud Talent Solution by empowering candidates to enter their search queries in over 100 languages.

Functionality supporting the discoverability of remote work opportunities is available now to any Talemetry Career Sites customers using Cloud Talent Solution to power job search.



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