Talemetry Releases ATS Market Share for Fortune 500


As an enterprise recruitment marketing platform, Talemetry works with many organizations in the Fortune 500 and Global 2000. Because our system integrates with a company’s ATS, we track which companies use which applicant tracking systems.

So if you’ve ever wondered if any ATS vendor has the Fortune 500 locked up or which has the greatest ATS market share, here is your answer.

ats-market-share.jpgOracle Taleo Still in Charge

While there are no dominant players, there is a clear winner by percentage. Oracle’s Taleo ATS is used by nearly 30% of the F500. When you add their PeopleSoft ATS, Oracle serves over ⅓ of the Fortune 500. The next closest vendor, Kenexa, serves only 12% while SAP/SuccessFactors serves nearly as many with 11.2%.

“Other” Systems Serve 21%

Just to demonstrate the lack of a clear winner in the Fortune 500, 22 various ATS vendors comprise 21% of the segment. That number is actually 29 when you count the additional “home grown” applicant tracking systems being used by various companies. The Other category consists of vendors with one to 14 clients in the Fortune 500.

Kenexa and SAP/Successfactors Runners Up

The only other ATS vendors with double-digit market share in the Fortune 500 are Kenexa and SAP/SuccessFactors with 11% and 12% respectively. And yes, there are some Fortune 500 companies that actually don’t have an ATS, but those are mostly holding companies.

ats-market-share-bar1.jpgSo Many Applicant Tracking Systems!

It is surprising that there are so many ATS vendors being used by the Fortune 500. One would think that by now, a single clear winner would have gobbled up 50% or more of the segment. It goes to show how sticky applicant tracking systems can be. Whether it be lack of budget, complexity, time, or core HRMS, large global enterprises do not take technology change lightly.

Extending Recruiting Capability

As recruiting evolves and new strategies emerge, Fortune 500 organizations can leverage their core ATS investment while extending their capabilities with recruitment marketing platforms. These systems integrate with core ATSs and extend candidate acquisition and conversion capabilities. Attracting, sourcing, and providing consumer quality online experiences to candidates does not require changing applicant tracking systems.

Systems like Talemetry can bolster areas where ATS capability might be basic, like online career sites and apply processes and candidate sourcing and engagement (CRM). Plus using a third party recruitment marketing platform that integrates with your ATS can provide source to hire analytics for all your candidate acquisition efforts, allowing you to optimize your recruitment operations. For more information about Talemetry's recruitment marketing platform, click here.

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