Talemetry Recruitment Marketing Platform in the Top 100 for 2017


Does it sound impressive for Talemetry's recruitment marketing platform to make the Top 100 HCM Applications, according to research firm Apps Run the World? Or for Talemetry's recruiting CRM module to make Recruiting Daily's 100+ HR Technologies and Recruiting Tools Worth Watching in Q1 2017?

Perhaps. Keep in mind that there are thousands of HCM applications out there. From payroll to compensation to performance to recruiting and beyond. Heck, there are thousands of recruiting applications alone!

And, Talemetry was the only recruitment marketing platform in Apps Run the World's Top 100 HCM Vendors.

hcm-top-500-talemetry.jpgSo starting off the year with these two Top 100 recognitions recognizes the value of Talemetry's multi-million dollar product investment and our deep penetration into the Fortune 500 over the last few years.

Our platform has proven itself, giving access to, and managing hundreds of millions of candidates for some of the world's largest and progressive employers. From consumer quality career sites and job applications, to industry leading sourcing and recruiting CRM, to fully automated job distribution to fully integrated recruiting processes and analytics, Talemetry supports cutting recruiting strategies for thriving in a difficult talent market.

Our tool set is changing the way organizations acquire talent. Our deep ATS integration, analytics and industry leading services are uncovering recruiting insights and driving operational efficiencies in unprecedented ways.

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