Talemetry Integrates with Google Cloud Talent Solution to Improve Candidate Conversion


Integration between Talemetry Career Sites and Google Cloud Talent Solution improves the candidate experience and drives application conversion results


Talemetry, a leader in results-driven recruitment marketing, today announced a new collaboration with Google Cloud that allows companies to leverage the integration between Talemetry Career Sites and Google Cloud Talent Solution. This integration means organizations can now easily access Google Cloud machine learning through Cloud Talent Solution on Talemetry Career Sites to maximize career site traffic, enhance the candidate experience and improve application conversion rates.

“Collaborating with Google Cloud demonstrates our innovation in enterprise recruitment marketing platform technology. We want companies to take advantage of this integration so they can take the lead in their own recruitment marketing initiatives, and significantly improve their own application conversion results,” said Peter Clare, SVP and General Manager, Talemetry.

According to Google Cloud, Cloud Talent Solution is designed to support enterprise talent acquisition technology and evolve with your growing needs. This AI solution automatically detects and infers using a variety of data. Features such as commute search and profile search provide candidates and employers with an enhanced talent acquisition experience.

The integration of Talemetry Career Sites with Cloud Talent Solution surpasses standard keyword searches by offering machine learning to better understand the intent of candidates in their job search process. Talemetry customers can take advantage of this new integration to directly impact career site engagement and increase overall candidate conversion.

“Converting candidates into applicants is one of the most important, but most challenging steps in recruitment. And as every recruiter and talent acquisition professional knows, eliminating barriers to conversion is essential to increasing candidate conversion rates,” said Bill D’Amico, VP, Partnerships, Talemetry. “Our integration with Cloud Talent Solution offers streamlined, easy-to-use access to Google Cloud machine learning, and empowers recruiting organizations to attract and connect with the right talent at the right time.”

The integration between Talemetry Career Sites and Cloud Talent Solution is available now for Talemetry customers.



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