Talemetry Featured in Aptitude Research Recruitment Marketing Report


Aptitude Research’s recruitment marketing report, 2017 Recruitment Marketing Index is a must read for anyone interested in zeroing in on what recruitment marketing is, how it can benefit recruiting organizations, and who the top vendors are in space.

In our experience, the report’s author Madeline Laurano is one of the most knowledgeable analysts covering recruitment marketing working today. And it shows in the report.

According to the report, over 70% of organizations plan to invest in recruitment marketing solutions within the next year. Here are a few other key takeaways from the report:

  • ATS satisfaction goes up as companies implement recruitment marketing. Organizations expect their ATS to handle everything they do in recruiting. They need to understand how recruitment marketing systems work with ATSs.
  • Recruitment marketing systems are “experience” solutions. As opposed to the many workflow and compliance benefits of other recruiting systems, recruitment marketing systems focus on improving both candidate and recruiter experiences.
  • The modern recruiter is a modern marketer. Modern marketers identify, nurture, and engage buyers in a way that builds long term relationships. Recruiters need to do this too.
  • Companies with recruitment marketing platforms are:
    • 2x more likely to have positive candidate experiences
    • 2x more likely to improve their candidate NetPromoter® scores
    • 3x more likely to have quality of hire above competitive benchmarks

Those are just a few pretty compelling reasons to download the report and investigate recruitment marketing practices and technologies.

On that note, Talemetry is prominently featured as one of a handful of true recruitment marketing platforms. Among other things, Talemetry was cited for its

  1. Global recruiting capabilities
  2. Superior federated searching and automated sourcing and engagement
  3. Deep domain expertise

To download Aptitude Research’s new report, click here.

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