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If you are like most talent acquisition professionals, you have noticed the steady shift in our industry and the rapid evolution that has taken place during the last several years. At Talemetry, we’ve researched and created the 2020 Vision Report that details actionable insights and practical takeaways you can use in your recruiting organization to optimize recruitment marketing over the next decade. Our partner Brandon Hall Group is conducting its own 2019 Recruitment Marketing Practices Survey that seeks to identify the trends and practices occurring in our dynamic market.

Brandon Hall Group 2019 Recruitment Marketing Practices Survey 

brandon-hall-groupWe encourage you to take part in the Brandon Hall Group 2019 Recruitment Marketing Practices Survey, which takes less than 15 minutes to complete. The primary objectives of this survey are to:

  • Explore how organizations are implementing and managing recruitment marketing strategies and technologies

  • Determine the most prevalent metrics for determining the effectiveness of recruitment marketing strategies

  • Understand the extent to which data science, such as AI and predictive analytics, is being used in recruitment marketing

  • Identify the most pressing challenges for recruitment marketing

What You Will Receive By Participating

If you complete this Brandon Hall Survey and provide your email address, you will receive a summary report of the survey results once the research is completed. You will also get immediate download access to a tool that helps you benchmark your own recruitment marketing maturity level, and be invited to the upcoming webinar that will focus on the recruitment marketing research results. 

Brandon-Hall-Group-ResearchMake Your Perspectives Known

This survey is completely confidential and the findings will only be reported in aggregate. And if you choose to, you can be contacted for follow-up from a Brandon Hall Analyst to request a qualitative research interview about this survey. We hope you’ll take time to provide your own responses to this survey and make your own voice heard. It is an exciting time to be in recruitment marketing, and we look forward to seeing the results of this great research. 

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