So You're Migrating to a New Applicant Tracking System


Because Talemetry's recruitment marketing platform syncs with your ATS, we see many organizations move from their current applicant tracking system to a new applicant tracking system.

In fact, we keep track of which company has what ATS, as you can see from our ATS market share report.

More than a few organizations have taken our advice and used our recruitment marketing platform as a bridge between one ATS and another, such as UPMC and others. This approach is smart, because it reduces both the cost and the risk of migrating.

Let's take a look at a typical migration using two different approaches. The first being the traditional approach and the second being the recruitment marketing bridge approach.

Traditional ATS MigrationMoving to a new applicant tracking system

The traditional ATS migration is a single threaded approach. As we know, the ATS is the core recruiting system for most organizations, but increasingly, there are dozens of related recruiting systems that tie into the ATS. Interviewing, scheduling, job distribution, sourcing, and many other tools interact with the ATS. So this approach focuses in on the core technology migration as the primary path to success, re-integrating other processes and tools after the new ATS has been configured and data migrated and tested.

While this approach is the most common, it presents a number of disadvantages:

  • It's time consuming
  • Data migration costs can be high
  • It halts all recruiting innovation as one system is sunset and the other is implemented and tested
  • Talent acquisition outcomes suffer during the transition (which can be months for a company of any size/complexity)
  • It can be risky as it relies on offline configuration and testing and results in a hard cutover from the old system to the new one with little margin for error
  • It can be disruptive to recruiters and candidates who will likely have completely new interfaces and capabilities to assimilate

The Recruitment Marketing ATS Migration Approach

As with everything else, recruitment marketing technologies like Talemetry just tend to make migration easier and more effective. To understand the benefits of this approach, you need to understand how recruitment marketing systems interact with your ATS.

With Talemetry, candidate and jobs data gets synced with your ATS in near real time. That means when you log into Talemetry to source candidates, distribute jobs, or run email campaigns, you are looking at the same data that you would see in your ATS. When you implement Talemetry, this integration is configured for you.

So using the recruitment marketing approach to ATS migration, you take advantage of this integration to simplify process and reduce the cost. The jobs and candidate data from your old ATS gets synced to Talemetry and then synced to the new ATS.

The advantages of this approach are numerous:

  • The cost of migration is reduced significantly, as this is included with the implementation of the recruitment marketing platform
  • The capabilities of the recruitment marketing platform and the new ATS are incorporated into a single, holistic approach to migration so they work together strategically
  • The risks are vastly reduced because you can cut over to the new ATS in a phased approach – even running both ATSs simultaneously, if needed, while you cut over gradually to the new ATSNew Call-to-action
  • Both recruiters and candidates can continue to access jobs and candidates for recruiting programs during the migration
  • Job boards, resume databases, and other vendors get pre-configured into your recruitment marketing platform, reducing the complexity of the new ATS implementation
  • Career sites are configured with the recruitment marketing system, so there is no change to the candidate interface pre- or post-migration.
  • Organizations hire more effectively with vastly superior candidate attraction, sourcing, engagement, and candidate experience capabilities during and after the migration
  • The cost of the recruitment marketing platform can often be offset by the savings in data migration costs

This article just scratches the surface of migrating to a new ATS with a recruitment marketing platform like Talemetry. For a deeper dive, check out our ATS Migration Strategy Snapshot here.

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