Six Ways to Enhance Diversity Recruiting with Recruitment Technology


Deloitte recently produced a powerful article titled ‘The Diversity and Inclusion Revolution: Eight Powerful Truths.’ This tremendous piece highlighted the importance of embracing a diverse and inclusive workforce that includes both cognitive and demographic diversity to produce high performing results. We continue this discussion here with a focus on how organizations can fundamentally attract a more diverse workforce using modern recruitment marketing technology. This is a how-to for making these insights practical and achievable in your organization.

The Business Case for Diversity Recruiting

The same Deloitte report indicated that an inclusive workforce was ‘two times as likely to meet or exceed financial targets, three times as likely to be high performing, six times as likely to be innovative and agile, and eight times more likely to achieve better business outcomes.’ Other studies have indicated similar findings. McKinsey found that companies in the top quartile for racial and ethnic diversity are 35% more likely to have higher financial return above their respective national industry medians, while Fortune reports that the top 50 companies on the Fortune Best Workplaces Diversity List average 24% higher year-over-year revenue growth than companies that don’t make the list. Clearly, a more diverse and inclusive workforce improves innovation, broadens employee perspectives and strengthens organizational performance. 


How Recruitment Marketing Technology Improves Diversity Recruiting

In our interactions with talent acquisition professionals across enterprise companies, we discuss the importance of identifying, prioritizing and nurturing audiences most important to business results. The EVOLVE Maturity & Efficiency Framework focuses on three types of audiences, including key talent audiences, strategic audiences and relationship audiences. D&I audiences are considered part of a strategic audience, and as mentioned previously, are essential to nurture for greater workforce innovation and performance. So how can enterprise recruitment marketing software help you nurture these prioritized D&I audiences? Here are six strategies you can use that build on one of our top blogs from 2018, featuring 5 Key Ways to Source and Attract More Diverse Candidates. These are six actions you can take to better source and attract diversity candidates in your organization, leveraging modern recruitment marketing technology:

#1: Start by identifying and prioritizing diverse candidates by audience.

If you want to improve your ability to attract and convert diverse candidates throughout the talent lifecycle, then you need to understand where your organization is in most need of diverse applicants to drive your business results. For example, a leading national restaurant chain was successful in its efforts to attract restaurant service employees who reflected its diverse customer base, but its managers often did not reflect this diversity. To address this challenge, the company focused on finding diverse candidates who could eventually grow into managers. By developing these diverse candidates internally, the company was able to nurture the career paths of diverse talent and promote internally. One specific strategy for prioritizing D&I audiences is to leverage the technology agnostic award-winning EVOLVE Framework, and then put into action the strategies and technology to optimize your diversity recruiting initiatives.

#2: Create targeted microsites for each diverse audience.

The right enterprise recruitment marketing platform enables you to create targeted microsites from your primary career site that are specifically geared toward your diversity candidates. Demonstrate your commitment to a more diverse workforce by providing relevant, tailored content to your diverse candidates—rather than offering just a one-size-fits-all approach.

#3: Source automatically for diverse candidates.

Use your recruitment marketing platform to initiate outbound candidate searches based on the job family a requisition belongs to. Search your diversity resume database and automatically email invitations to apply to diverse candidates once a job requisition is opened.

#4: Auto-broadcast to diversity job boards.

Attract more diversity candidates by automatically posting jobs to diversity job boards, social networks and agencies. The right recruitment marketing platform enables you to guarantee a job is posted each time a requisition is opened to diversity sources, so you can ensure a flow of diverse applicants right away. Talemetry collaborates with an entire partner ecosystem, including strategic audience partners.

#5: Offer opt-in talent networks for strategic audiences.

Talent networks for diversity groups enable you to stay in contact with diverse candidates, share relevant information and job opportunities, and identify areas for increased personalization of content. This enables you to nurture relationships and present diversity candidates with job opportunities, encouraging them to apply at the right time.  For example, in addition to its primary talent network, UPMC offers separate talent networks specific to military service members and to nurses. 

#6: Build your own proprietary database of diverse candidates.

By automating the process of acquiring diverse candidates, a proprietary candidate relationship management (CRM) database offers a more robust talent pool for finding diversity candidates. As the diversity talent pool grows, it becomes a more strategic tool for identifying, attracting and building relationships with candidates with diverse backgrounds. 

Time to Get to Work with the Right Recruitment Technology

The right recruitment marketing platform will empower and enable your recruiting organization to track and determine where your best diversity candidates come from so you can continue to attract employees with unique worldviews and experiences. Learn more about empowering your recruiting organization to attract a highly inclusive workforce both now and in the future. Check out our webinar on how to Impact Diversity Hiring with Modern Recruitment Marketing for more great insights into diversity recruiting.

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