Six Leading-Edge Recruitment Marketing Trends to Convert More Applicants


Earlier this week, Madeline Laurano, Co-Founder and Chief Research Officer, Aptitude Research Partners, shared six innovative trends in recruitment marketing that are helping leading organizations to attract, engage and convert more candidates into applicants.

If you weren’t able to join, or are looking for a refresher, then here are the six key recruitment marketing trends from the presentation that will help you increase your application conversion rates and make your recruiting organization more effective:

#1: Text with Candidates for Faster Response and Better Response Rates 

Text with candidates

Texting is the #1 form of communication for American adults under age 50 (Gallup). Ninety percent of texts are read within three minutes (Forbes), and texts typically reach a 98 percent open rate (Mobile Marketing Watch). With stats like that, if you aren’t texting with your candidates already, you need to be.

Imagine the impact you can have on your recruiting success by incorporating texting into your ongoing candidate communication and engagement strategy. You will reach candidates faster, hear back from them faster, and build your relationships more deeply with them. And with an integrated recruitment marketing platform, you’ll have visibility into the impact texting is having on your recruiting success.

#2: Personalize Content to Build Stronger Relationships with Candidates 

Stitch Fix is a wonderful example of the impact that personalization can have on your customers. Stitch Fix has created a user experience that feels friendly. Buyers feel like their ‘stylist’ on the other side really understands who they are, what their style is, and what their lifestyle looks like. As a result, the company is having tremendous success.

As recruiting leaders, we can learn from this. We should offer recognition of our candidates, recommendations for their needs, and relevance in what they are looking for. How can you do this? Build personalized content for your candidates—from job descriptions to blogs to employee stories to career site navigation to recommended jobs. This shows your candidates that you know who they are, what is important to them, and what they are looking for in their next job. And you can do this not only by targeted roles, or generational groups, but also for other segments, such as military groups or remote worker candidates. Know your personas and build content strategies that align to those personas.

#3: Share Feedback Earlier with Candidates and Hiring Teams to Improve Quality of Hire

Just like performance review processes have become more agile, the feedback process with candidates and hiring teams should also be more agile. In a world where we expect instant responses and sub-second website loading times, it’s essential that sharing internal feedback on candidates can be done quickly and collaboratively, and done toward the beginning of the process, rather than the end.

Ensure your recruitment marketing platform empowers you to share candidates with hiring managers, hiring teams, or anyone else in the hiring process early on. This will help you identify the right candidates much sooner in the process, and ultimately lead to better quality hires.

#4: Capture Career Site Visitor Behavior to Deliver Personalized Content and Nurture Engaged Talent

Don’t wait until you have a full blown applicant or candidate profile to design and deliver personalized content. Even before candidates are willing to complete a job application or join your talent network, you should capture information about them and then nurture them with personalized content. Remember, recognition, recommendation and relevance.

Leading-edge recruitment marketing platforms, like Talemetry, empower you to track website visitor information so that you can engage them with personalized messaging and content throughout the entire candidate journey.

#5: Boost Career Site Traffic with Google Machine Learning

Leverage Google Cloud Talent Solution to maximize career site traffic, enhance the candidate experience, and improve application conversion rates. How does Cloud Talent Solution do this? According to Google, ‘it is designed to support enterprise talent acquisition technology and evolve with your growing needs’ through features like ‘commute search and profile search’ that give candidates and employers a more robust experience. When you leverage Google in your recruiting strategy, you can drive more of the right candidates to your career site and to your jobs.

#6: Increase Candidate Conversions from Indeed

Indeed is the largest source of candidates for many talent acquisition organizations today. Yet the vast majority of those candidates who start the process with Indeed Apply don’t ever actually complete the application.

Simplify the process for your candidates with an optimized apply process so you can increase application conversion rates. Talemetry recently announced our partnership and integration with Indeed, enabling candidates to apply from Indeed Apply with the easy-to-use Talemetry Apply process.

Looking to Boost Your Recruitment Marketing Effectiveness?

During her presentation, Madeline provided some great insights into how today’s leading recruiters are doing the difficult work of incorporating new trends, processes, strategies and technologies to attract, engage and convert more candidates.

Leveraging these six innovative recruitment marketing trends and prioritizing opportunities for investment is your best bet to enhance the efficiency of your recruitment marketing function, and optimize your activities both now and in the future. If you’d like to learn more, we invite you to listen to the webinar replay so you can start to adopt these best practices for your own recruiting organization. 

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