Six Elements of a Great Job Application


Let’s face it: Just about everything you do as a recruiting organization hinges upon your online job application. Every paid ad, every sent email, every recruiting event attendee ends up filling out an application online at some point.

So you’ve spent a huge amount of time analyzing and designing a job application process that outperforms anything out there in terms of ease of use and effectiveness at converting candidates to applicants, right?If not, here are six keys to great online job applications to get you started.

Make Applications Mobile

We’ve said it before: Mobile recruiting is just recruiting. Mobile devices have become so prevalent that having anything less than a mobile-optimized career site and application process is like leaving candidates (and money) on the table. After all, a full 90% of candidates told Glassdoor they plan to browse for jobs on their mobile devices.

Certainly passive candidates who are already employed rely on mobile devices to investigate jobs and other personal endeavors. Having a mobile optimized application will increase your candidates per job and convert more passive candidates to applicants.

And there is a bonus: Everything you do to support global applications will benefit desktop applicants as well.Business man pointing to transparent board with text You're Hired!.jpeg

Let ’em Upload Resumes and Profiles

Resume extraction technology can make applications quick and easy. Make sure your resume extraction technology allows applicants to not only upload a resume, but grab it from Google Drive or Dropbox or any of the other major cloud storage options. Same with LinkedIn or Indeed profiles. Allow applicants to apply with the fully baked profiles they already have.

Keep it Short

Your applications are way too long. Why ask for a full application when the candidate is not being actively considered? Better to rethink the way you engage potential candidates and ask for the bare minimum and then have them fill out an application after you have determined they are being considered. Provide the kind of extraction technology described above, get full experience and qualifications and a few other key initial pieces of data and you’ll get more candidates per job. More of the currently employed variety who wouldn’t fill out a full application, but are still interested.

Do the Two-Step

Better yet, automate a 2-step application process that extracts resume/profile qualifications up front and then sends out a full application link automatically. That way, you get more candidates and more valuable sourcing data whether the candidate completes a full application or not.

Apply Later

Make sure your application has an apply later option for mobile candidates who may be interested in your job, but doesn’t have the time, focus, or opportunity to apply right away. An easy process that captures an email address and sends a link to the application for later completion will convert more mobile candidates.

Remarket Those Jobs

New Call-to-actioneCommerce sites learned long ago that sales can be salvaged when merchandise gets abandoned in a shopping cart. They send emails reminding shoppers they left items in their cart and giving them a link to get back to the cart and complete the sale. Same with jobs. It’s likely that MOST of the candidates that start an application never finish. Set up an automated email that lets them know you want their application, remind them to finish and give them a link to pick up where they left off.

So there are six elements of a truly great application process. How many do you have? The truth is, this article could have been titled “Six Elements of a Great Job Application That Showcase 2010 Web Capability.” This stuff is basic for every other industry but recruiting. But that’s the good news. Implement three or four of these elements and you’ll be head and shoulders above most all other recruiting organizations.


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