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Strategic recruiting organizations can work with a complex cadre of talent acquisition software vendors: employer branding and candidate experience platforms, resume databases, job ad distribution tools, job board posting integrations, recruiting agencies, candidate engagement and CRM tools, and the like.

That’s a good thing.  It is the hallmark of an organization that’s building leading talent acquisition capabilities. For larger organizations, this range of tools and vendors is often multiplied as different locations, brands, or business units develop their own vendor partners and processes.

Your Culture Is Your Brand sign in a conceptual image.jpegThe last several years has seen a proliferation of solutions and vendors across the spectrum of recruiting technologies and services. This proliferation, combined with static budgets, changing practices, and contracting supplies of talent, makes now a perfect time to evaluate whether your organization’s next big step forward in recruiting capability may just be consolidating your talent acquisition vendors.

The downside of utilizing so many independent solutions include having to deal with multiple silos of data that are neither integrated with your ATS nor integrated with each other. This impacts your ability to holistically manage your recruitment operations.  Another downside is the increase in complexity associated with managing multiple contracts and vendors, combined with a lack of leverage that could be gained dealing with a single vendor to provide multiple pieces of the puzzle for a better price.

Finally, the candidate experience often suffers as candidates go from job ad to career site to ATS to interviewing to assessment with solutions from several different vendors. To be sure, a recruitment marketing platform can provide several benefits, including:

  • The ability to tie together analytics from job ads, email campaigns, web traffic, etc.
  • A common method for analysis
  • Fewer contracts to manage
  • Better leverage for contract negotiation
  • Consolidated support with one vendor on the hook for making sure it all works

Key Practices for Recruitment Technology ConsolidationDownload

The good news is that several platforms exist for consolidating many of these functions. If you are considering reigning in a complex vendor portfolio, there are a few things to consider:

Recruitment operationsThere is a huge potential for many organizations to leverage technology platforms as a key piece of optimizing their entire recruitment operations. On the talent acquisition front, combining job distribution with sourcing, candidate relationship management, and career sites/applications centralizes the most important piece of the process: maximizing candidate acquisition. Consolidating, automating, and analyzing these functions can streamline a huge portion of your recruiting efforts.

ATS integration. A big part of consolidating your non-ATS hiring solutions is ensuring that whatever platform you choose can integrate with your applicant tracking system. Combining several solutions into an integrated platform without tying back to the ATS might reduce your vendor count but it won’t give you the kind of optimization potential you get from the full source to hire analytics available with ATS integration.

To access more key strategies for consolidating your recruitment marketing vendors, click here to download Talemetry’s Recruitment Marketing Vendor Consolidation Strategy Snapshot.

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