Seven Best Practices for Your Apply Process


We’ve just returned from the HR Technology Conference 2017 and it was great to see the innovation and focus on talent acquisition and more specifically recruitment marketing. We had so many talent acquisition leaders, marketing leaders, and HRIS operations leaders stop by our booth to talk about recruitment marketing and how they can make improvements.Best Practice - Text in Blue Color on Dark Digital Background..jpeg

Companies are making huge investments to attract and recruit candidates, typically $3,500 - $4,000 per candidate. But unfortunately, many see only 10-30% of candidates actually complete applications (and this isn’t exactly the ROI that CFOs are pleased with).

Our research team has studied why candidates aren’t completing applications, and well, we all know the most obvious reasons – applications are too long, job descriptions poor, not mobile accessible, etc. and most of us have addressed many of these issues. But beyond that, with the disparate technologies and strategies, the process has become too complicated and too difficult. And many talent acquisition professionals have been told there’s nothing that can be done about it. Well that’s just not true.

Here are seven best practices to make your apply process easier and improve the apply process completion rate:

  1. Don’t require registration. Asking a candidate for more information and redirecting them will distract and discourage them from completing your application. What’s important to you is getting that candidate’s data and for them to complete your application. Stay focused on that priority.
  2. Optimize mobile apply. Many sites are mobile accessible. But to really get the interaction and engagement from your future candidates, ensure that your career site is truly mobile optimized and that candidates can get as much value and insight into your company as possible from their mobile devices.
  3. Offer a talent network. Some of your future candidates just aren’t quite ready. Or the perfect job for them isn’t on your career site yet. So give them an opportunity right from your career site to join your talent network and stay engaged with you so that they are ready when the right job opens up at the right time for them.
  4. Make it easy with social profile apply. Many of today’s candidates are leveraging social tools like LinkedIn. Make it easy for those candidates to pull their background and experience resume data from their social profiles.
  5. Simplify with cloud apply. The benefits of using tools like Google docs are enticing more and more candidates, particularly millennials, to store resumes on cloud based apps. Simplify the process for those candidates by making it easy for them to apply with their cloud based resumes.
  6. Connect to event registration. Whether it’s a campus recruiting event or other event, make sure future candidates can link to those event registration sites directly from your career page.
  7. Engage with job alerts. Not everyone is ready to be a candidate today. Create passive job alerts to engage and build relationships with future candidates so that the right job gets to the right candidate at the right time.Download Free Candidate Experience Handbook

Simplifying your apply process will attract more great candidates, improve your recruitment marketing ROI, and make your job a whole lot easier!

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