ROI of the Candidate Experience -- Highlights from Talent Board and Talemetry Webinar


Yesterday we had the great benefit of hearing from Jade Bourelle, CEO of Talemetry and recruitment marketing industry leader, and Kevin Grossman, President of the Talent Board, discuss the real return on investment (ROI) of the candidate experience and how companies can improve upon it.

The Talent Board is the first non-profit research organization focused on the elevation and promotion of a quality candidate experience. Their very targeted and specific research helps companies around the world better understand what matters and how to improve their candidate experience. Kevin shared highlights from their 2017 CandE research and awards.

Why does it matter? The candidate experiences we offer impact applicant consumer shopping decisions, their willingness to apply again, the likelihood of a referral, and their reviews of your company on public social sites. So how can you improve your candidate experience? Jade Bourelle shared some ideas that he has seen improve the candidate experience in his 20+ years in the industry.

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How can you improve your candidate experience with recruitment marketing? Here are just a few of the best practices shared by Jade:

  1. Reduce unnecessary work for the candidate. Review your process. When connecting with your talent network or applying on your career site are you asking them to provide the same information repeatedly? Similarly, are you letting them quickly and easily supply information that already exists on a social profile or cloud based storage service?Experience Concept. Keys with Keyring on Black Wooden Table. Closeup View, Selective Focus, 3D Render. Black and White Image..jpeg
  2. Make a long term investment to better know your candidate pool. Just like when we are shopping online, we don’t typically make only one stop to the site. Normally we’ve visited the site multiple times, we know what to expect from the site, and they likely know a little about us. We need to make long term investments to attract candidates not only for today, but for tomorrow as well.
  3. Improve your applicant conversion process first, before running any targeted programs. How easy is your application process once you’ve attracted candidates to your site? If that part of the process isn’t streamlined and seamless, you need to fix that before investing in campaigns to attract candidates to your site.


Talent Boardresearch found that 74% of candidates conduct their own research during the job search. 58% of candidates are digging into your career sites as part of that research and do you know what they are most interested in on your site? Your company values are what’s most important to them. Today’s job seekers want to work for a company that they can believe in and be proud to be part of. So how can you attract better candidates? Here are a few of the best practices that Jade shared.

  1. Know what’s working and what’s not. You can’t improve what you don’t measure. Do you know which of your channels, vendors, or strategies are attracting the best candidates? Dig into your analytics to know what channels are attracting the best candidates. Remember, data drives results.
  2. Focus on the long term. Remember that many of today’s workers will change jobs every 3 to 4 years. So your strategies should be designed to attract candidates not only for today, but also a few years from now. Build long term relationships and make sure that your database is your primary source of hire. One Talemetry client, a global financial institution, was able to improve their sourcing by having the analytics to know which strategies and channels were producing the best candidates, and getting more focused on those. As a result, they reduced their advertising spend by 45%!


You’ve attracted the candidate to your career site. Now what? Jade shared that 80% of the applicants don’t complete the application process. So after you’ve invested time, money, and resources attracting candidates to your site, how many are dropping off before they complete the application process? Here were some suggestions on how to reduce the candidate drop off rate in the application process.

  1. Ensure you can measure what your drop off rate is. You won’t know if you’re improving it if you don’t know what your baseline is.
  2. Eliminate the need for registration. This requirement alone can cause 50% of your candidates to drop off.
  3. Mobile optimize, not just mobile enable. A mobile optimized site will reformat itself for smartphones or tablets. Larger navigation buttons, reformatted content, reduced graphic sizes, and optimized images will make the site easier to navigate from the small screen and avoid making your candidates type unless necessary.
  4. Eliminate the need for data entry. So many of today’s best candidates have profiles or resumes on social or cloud sites. Don’t require those candidates to unnecessarily re-enter all of that information. Let them link to sites like LinkedIn, Google Drive, or others to pull their profile into your site.
  5. Learn from the retailers -- return to shopping cart. The best candidates are probably the ones that are already employed and fitting your job application into an already busy schedule. If they get started with your application but have to stop temporarily, make sure you offer them an option to continue where they left off.

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What difference does all of this make? A poor candidate experience impacts your bottom line. Job seekers who have a poor candidate experience will take their purchases, alliances, and relationships elsewhere. They are more likely to create negative reviews on sites like Glassdoor. So start measuring your candidate experience now. Jade provided a few suggestions on what indicators are most important to measure including overall candidate reach, view to apply conversion, candidate database growth, engagement score, campaign performance, and vendor performance.

For the full education and insights from both Kevin and Jade, check out the webinar recording. Before you know it, you’ll have the strategies and plans in place to improve your candidate experience and improve your Recruiting ROI.

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