Recruitment Marketing’s BIG IMPACT on Hiring Metrics


Brandon Hall Group knows a little something about hiring metrics. As a research and advisory group, they've covered talent acquisition for over a decade. That's why Talemetry worked with Brandon Hall to create an important eBook called Recruitment Marketing’s BIG IMPACT on Hiring Metrics.

This free eBook is packed with results from Brandon Hall Group's recent research on recruitment marketing's impact on the hiring process and we're making it available for free download here.


The research was conducted during Q1 17 and the great thing about it is that Brandon Hall Group used the data to create a recruitment marketing maturity model. The model standardizes practices and business results from hundreds of companies and groups them into four levels.

This 16-page digital download is perfect for identifying where your company falls on the recruitment marketing maturity model, mapping out where you'd like to be, and understanding the value of getting there. You'll get:

  • A walk through Brandon Hall Group’s new recruitment marketing maturity model
  • Leading practices for recruitment marketing
  • The best metrics to use to assess progressGet The Recruitment Marketing Handbook Free Download
  • Technology solutions that propel recruitment marketing effectiveness
  • What technology buyers need from providers

Some of the fascinating findings contained in the eBook are:

  • Only 10% of companies have an optimized recruitment marketing practice
  • Companies with level 3 or 4 recruitment marketing capabilities have 39% faster time to hire and 31% higher quality of hire
  • Forty-two percent of companies are looking for better recruiting analytics

We encourage you to take advantage of this opportunity to download Recruitment Marketing’s BIG IMPACT on Hiring Metrics, and if you'd like to learn more about recruitment marketing strategies, download Talemetry's Recruitment Marketing Handbook here.

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