What's the Real Value of Recruitment Marketing?


In general terms, we write a lot about recruitment marketing. By centralizing your candidates (recruiting CRM) into a single database, providing consumer quality candidate experiences online, auto distributing jobs to free and paid job boards and social networks, engaging with candidates over the long term, and analyzing and refining results, your finance or insurance company will be more effective in hiring. You'll attract more high quality candidates.  That's good return on investment (ROI). That's good business.  

And there are measurable and specific ways to valuate both the hard and soft financial benefits of implementing recruitment marketing strategies and technologies. To help you with that, Talemetry has released a new recruitment marketing handbook – this one focused entirely on how to measure recruitment marketing ROI.

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The Recruitment Marketing ROI Handbook joins Talemetry's definitive library of recruitment marketing handbook resources, including: 

The newest addition to this stable, the Recruitment Marketing ROI Handbook is a 23-page overview that explores:

  • The overall value recruitment marketing provides
  • An overview of key best practices
  • A chapter listing and explaining all the key metrics used in calculating ROI, like Cost-Per-Candidate, Cost-Per-Hire, Applicant Conversion Rate, and many more
  • Specific chapters and examples for calculating the ROI of:
    • Candidate Experience
    • Recruiting CRM
    • Advertising
  • And more

The new ROI Handbook also includes recruitment marketing research findings from Brandon Hall Group from the eBook Recruitment Marketing's Big Impact on Hiring Metrics. These findings include important guide posts for recruitment marketing return on investment, including the fact that organizations with more advanced recruitment marketing capabilities enjoy:Put recruitment marketing to work for you

  • 31% better quality of hire
  • 39% faster time to hire
  • 25% higher retention

This is a must read for any recruiting leader or practitioner who wants to be able to create a business case for or justify the value of investment in recruitment marketing strategies and technologies in their organization.

And as always, Talemetry's entire library of recruitment marketing resources, including webinars, articles, eBooks, reports and surveys can be accessed and searched here.

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