Recruiting Email Open and Click Rate Benchmarks


When it comes to sourcing, there are many channels to find and engage candidates. At Talemetry, we enable recruiting organizations to utilize every channel from sourcing databases to the open web to mass email sourcing campaigns to their centralized talent pool. More on centralizing Talent Pools can be found in our three-part CRM Basics blog series here

But the common denominator of most sourcing outreach is email. 

Businessman pressing messaging type of modern icons with virtual background.jpegWhether it’s mass recruiting email outreach to large talent pools or one-on-one communications to reach out to candidates individually, email tends to be the one constant. Even tweets, LinkedIn and Facebook messages most often end up as email notifications to your prospective candidates’ inbox.

Broad Recruitment and Staffing Email Benchmarks

From a broad perspective, open rates for the recruiting and staffing industry were 7.9% in 2014 according to email marketing service Mailer Mailer. Open rates are simply the number of emails opened divided by the number of emails successfully delivered.

The good news is this number is up from 3.9% in 2012. That indicates that candidates are more used to hearing, or more willing to hear from recruiters via email. Note that open rates typically decline each year for other industries.

Click rates, the number of people clicking on a link divided by the total number of delivered emails, were 1.7% in 2014 according to the same Mailer Mailer report.

As we look at Talemetry clients who use our Source & CRM system to source and email candidates with invitations to apply for jobs, the numbers a quite a bit better.

Talemetry Client Email Benchmarks

Strategic CRM for Recruiting

Over the last three months, our system has sent millions of emails on behalf of our clients. When we look at our average numbers across all clients we see: 

  • 19.9% open rate
  • 3.97% click rate

Remember these are average numbers. We have seen campaigns with more than 50% open rates and many below 19.9%. The quality of the lists, the strength and segmentation/targeting of the offer can dramatically affect response rates.

A good sourcing CRM system will give you the tools to combine all your sources of talent into one centralized pool and search and segment that pool with pinpoint accuracy. This makes your email marketing efforts much more effective as you can see by the significantly higher open and click rates experienced by Talemetry clients.

For more information about recruitment email campaigns, check out this free replay of our recent webinar, “Email Marketing Strategies for Modern Recruiting.”


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