RallyFwd Recap: How to Make a Big Impact with Small Effort in 2019


If you were one of the thousands of employer branding experts, recruitment marketers, recruiters or talent acquisition professionals who registered and attended the RallyFwd Virtual Conference on December 5, then you heard the amazing stories of practitioners who have enacted effective recruitment marketing strategies and tactics to positively impact their talent acquisition results.  


In partnership with the Social Recruiting Strategies Conference (SRSC), and sponsored in part by Talemetry, the event was created and provided by Rally Recruitment MarketingRally™ is a new online community forum where recruitment marketing ideas are shared and learned to help practitioners gain new skills, advance their careers and deliver business impact. 

Lori Sylvia, Founder and CEO of Rally, put together an incredible speaker line-up of seven recruitment marketing experts on the mainstage and in breakout sessions who shared personal lessons learned in their own roles. Lessons that come from trying—and even failing—before succeeding in their efforts. The featured speakers of the virtual conference included:

These speakers chose strategies that showed tangible results in their recruiting organizations to help move their talent acquisition functions forward. As highly collaborative experts in their field, the speakers detailed how existing practitioners today can have a big impact on talent acquisition by making small changes that don’t require large investments. So let’s take a look at some of the big impact strategies and highlights as discussed throughout the virtual event. If you’d like to view each of the sessions individually, you can pre-register for the on-demand content.

Big Impact Strategies for Recruitment Marketing

Big Impact Strategy #1: Showing Your Culture at the Local and Team Level Results in a Higher Quality and Quantity of Applicants.

Meredith Herberg-Waldron of Eventbrite discussed the importance of culture at the local level. She provided insights into how Eventbrite as a global organization has learned how to represent its employer brand authenticity for its individual global offices. By providing location-specific content that was customized for each office location, the organization has driven greater career site traffic based on geo-location, seeing tremendous increases in its traffic quality and converting more candidates into applicants in each location. And by focusing on relevant cultural nuances, highlighting key differentiators, and collaborating with internal and external partners, Eventbrite has connected with talent around the world and created a more personalized experience based on local culture.

Big Impact Strategy #2: Share Real Photos and Videos to Drive Greater Engagement with Talent.

Eric Clemons of U.S. Cellular detailed how his organization has used photos and videos to dramatically improve the outcome of the company’s social engagement game. With authentic, relevant content that now features realistic photos and a heavy emphasis on video, the organization has found a balanced approach to content strategy. Another strategy incorporated is to treat social as a strategic channel for pipelining talent. U.S. Cellular has also begun measuring the influence and action from social engagement and identified the best sources of content to yield results. By actively A/B testing, learning from failure and shifting its approach, the company has seen a steady evolution of content during the past few years to inform its content strategy and recruitment messaging.

Big Impact Strategy #3: Email Marketing to Your Talent Database Generates Hires Faster and Cheaper.

Derek Murphy-Johnson of KinderCare Education discussed the importance of what email marketing can do to impact the success of recruiting events. He described the lessons learned from the organization in using targeted email marketing campaigns directly to a company’s own talent database and its importance in finding high quality talent quickly and more cost effectively.

Big Impact Strategy #4: Telling Your EVP Through Employee Stories Increases Talent Attraction.

Kelley Kaezyk of MedExpress discussed how using the company’s EVP provided the ‘why’ to develop compelling recruitment marketing content for the organization. With the EVP pillars as the framework for activating messaging, and by collaborating with marketing and corporate communications teams internally, MedExpress has been able to tell a more authentic, holistic story to attract talent. The company has increased career site traffic and time spent on each page, while decreasing bounce rates by more than one-quarter. By understanding the importance of partnering internally, asking the tough questions and incorporating authentic imagery, Kelley has found that MedExpress is telling its most genuine story through employees.

Big Impact Strategy #5: Employee Generated Content on Social Media Attracts More Right-Fit Candidates

Kelly Burns of Yellowstone National Park Lodges provided insights into how the organization has used Instagram to bring the employee experience to life at Yellowstone. With just the small effort of using its Instagram hashtag, the company was able to activate and leverage employee generated content through a new program and across other social channels. After evaluating and experiencing what was working and not working, the organization launched an employee contest that has since built a large library of content, tremendously increased social followers and improved website traffic exponentially.

Connecting Your Recruitment Content with the Right Technology

The five big impact strategies here are just a sampling of insights provided from the speakers. If you want to learn the additional impact strategies, check out the remainder of sessions on the RallyFwd Virtual Conference website. It’s true, these big takeaways have exciting applications for your organization in building a stronger, more impactful employer brand. And no doubt, you have worked hard to build your employer brand with a compelling EVP and recruitment messaging. Connecting-recruitment-marketing-strategy-and-technology

But it’s possible you still lack the proper delivery mechanism from your technology. Have you considered how you can prioritize your investment for the future to find the right recruitment marketing platform that supports all your recruitment channels and integrates with your existing systems? To get the most out of what you’ve put in, you need data-driven insight into your full talent acquisition strategy that also helps you scale recruitment marketing in a cost-effective way. That’s where recruitment marketing technology can have an immediate impact on amplifying the power of your employer brand to create lasting ROI.

If you are ready to take the next step and learn how you can gain an immediate, complementary impact from your employer brand, EVP and recruitment messaging, we would love to show you how the right technology can help you better attract, connect with and engage the right talent at the right time for your organization. Don’t overlook the rapid evolution that is taking place in employer branding and recruitment marketing. Ensure that you are at the forefront in investing in the right areas to impact the cultural brand that you’ve worked so hard to build.

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