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Our research team has been studying application processes and have found that many organizations see as little as 10-30% application completion rates. Companies are making huge investments to attract and recruit candidates, typically $3,500 - $4,000 per candidate. So to make the investment to attract candidates to your career site, but then see only 10-30% of candidates actually complete applications isn’t exactly the ROI that CFOs are pleased with. Studying the process from when candidates reach your career site through completed application is an opportunity to make significant impact to the number of candidates and the ROI of your talent acquisition investment pretty quickly.


So why aren’t candidates completing applications? Well, we know the most obvious reasons -- applications are too long, poor job descriptions, not mobile accessible, etc. And most of us have addressed many of these factors. But beyond that -- with the disparate technologies and strategies, the process has become too complicated and too difficult. And many talent acquisition professionals have been told there’s nothing that can be done about it. Well that’s just not true.

With the right technologies and dedicated focus on the candidate experience, there are things that can be done to improve the apply process to increase the number of quality candidates. Don’t require your candidates to register before they apply for that great job you are needing to fill. And make it easy for candidates to apply using their resume that is stored on LinkedIn, Indeed, Google drive, or Dropbox. And if you have hiring events, make sure that your event registration page is accessible from your career site.

Here are some examples of career sites that are well designed and producing results.

University of CalgaryUCalgary.png

The University of Calgary’s career site supports a main career site and three faculty microsites handling in total 725,000 visitors and 2.5 million page views. Bounce rates are under 25% and the University has benefited from a 500% increase in career site traffic.

The University of Calgary’s career site makes it easy for candidates to apply. As an applicant I am first shown a careers home page that gives a great initial impression of the University as an employer, and content and jobs that are targeted to my persona. When I decide to apply, I can apply for a job without having to register. They make it simple and seamless. And then, I can upload my resume from a variety of cloud and social sites. It’s a well designed career site, mobile-friendly and has led to a 50% increase in the number of applicants per job. 

Gwinnett Medical CenterGwinnett.png

Being in the the top 5% in the nation for clinical quality, Gwinnett Medical Center is already a sought after employer. But even with their status, to attract the best candidates, Gwinnett wanted to make the candidate experience a number one priority. They have simplified the process with five steps to get in and drop off a resume, quickly expressing interest. This way Gwinnett has seen significant improvements in their online candidate experience.

Not only does Gwinnett make me feel at home on their career site home page, they make it easy for me. For passive candidates who maybe haven’t found quite the right job opportunity yet, Gwinnett immediately presents a simple sign-up to their talent network so the candidate can be communicated with in the future about relevant job opportunities. They are making it easy for the candidate to share a little about themselves by allowing them to upload their resume from cloud or social sites.

With the right technologies in place your application process can be easier and more seamless and you can attract more of the right candidates and achieve better ROI on your talent acquisition investment.

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