Webinar: Optimizing Recruitment Marketing Strategy, Process, Technology


Brandon Hall Group and Talemetry recently presented a webinar called Optimizing Recruitment Marketing Strategy, Process and Technology. Based on research done by Brandon Hall Group Principal Analyst Daria Friedman, the webinar recaps a recent study Ms. Friedman conducted. The research focused on current practices, issues, and results from hundreds of companies using recruitment marketing strategies and technologies.

Ms. Friedman hosted the webinar and passed along several important findings, including:bh-webinar_yt2.jpg

  • Seventy six percent of companies stated that recruitment marketing improved their candidate quality and new hire engagement
  • Sixty three percent said that recruitment marketing improved their retention
  • Sixty one percent said that recruitment marketing improved their time to hire

The webinar is filled with important metrics, practices, and strategies for getting the most out of your recruitment marketing efforts.

Ms. Friedman also unveiled Brandon Hall Group's Recruitment Marketing Maturity Model. This new model places recruitment marketing capabilities into levels and then maps business outcomes to each level. Spoiler Alert: Organizations with higher levels of recruitment marketing capabilities perform significantly better in key business metrics like employee retention, employee engagement, and customer retention.

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This exclusive webinar replay is available to stream free of charge and its recruitment marketing maturity model can be invaluable for organizations to identify where they fall within the model. Then they can map where they want to be and begin to implement strategies and technologies to get there

Click here to join Daria Friedman, along with Talemetry's Stephen Schwander and Ian Alexander, to get the very latest recruiting research, learn where you fall on the maturity model, and get some real world case studies of how organizations are using recruitment marketing to get more of the right candidates.

You can also access a recap of the research in Talemetry's free eBook Recruitment Marketing’s BIG IMPACT on Hiring Metrics.

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