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2020. It’s nearly impossible to believe the new decade is on the horizon. 2020 used to sound so far away, so futuristic. But here we are. About 15 months from such a significant milestone. As you prepare to close out this decade and head into this new one, now is the time to consider how your planning for the future should extend beyond just the coming year. Yes, planning for 2019 is important, but even more important is identifying the strategies, processes and technology that will allow you to achieve true recruitment marketing optimization and drive world-class results for the coming decade.

Where can you turn for a strategic framework that will guide your internal strategy and build a business case to invest in for the future? And how can you learn from the existing landscape to improve your own recruitment marketing function? Let’s start first by examining the evolution of recruitment marketing over the last two decades.

Rapid Transformation Within the Recruiting Landscape

With the rapid evolution of recruitment marketing over the last 15 to 20 years, there has been a progression of planning 2020 recruitment marketingtechnological capabilities that have significantly impacted recruiting in a short period of time. Within just two decades, organizations have seen integration to the Internet, the emergence of early online recruiting technologies, advancing technologies through early social and mobile functionalities, HCM transformation that identified the gap between the applicant tracking system functionality and an optimized candidate experience, and the emergence of recruitment marketing as the solution to that gap. The current environment has revealed that this is the era of opportunity for recruitment marketing optimization, if organizations can overcome the disconnect that has occurred in such a rapidly changing landscape.

The Old World Versus New World of Recruiting

Recruitment marketing today is happening under the same model that emerged in the early 2000s. So you have to ask yourself, are you content to enter the new decade with the same siloed technologies, isolated tools, disparate application processes and disconnected analytics that you’ve been using for nearly 20 years?

This old world of recruiting has created a disconnected landscape that has led to limited candidate conversion, disparate relationship management, and lack of insight into simplified recruiting analytics that can improve recruiting outcomes. With the continued blurring of lines in recruitment technology around career sites, candidate relationship management (CRM) systems, and applicant tracking systems, recruiting organizations can no longer afford to operate in a siloed environment if they want to create a seamless candidate experience and attract top talent.

Conversely, the new world of recruiting means aligning your technology investments and harnessing data that can deliver a more personalized experience for candidates. Modern organizations must integrate technologies and optimize investments across talent strategies, processes and operations to maximize effectiveness, scalability and visibility of analytics. This means delivering tailored candidate experiences, establishing enhanced candidate communication and engagement, and suggesting relevant opportunities to candidates throughout the entire candidate lifecycle. In this new world, you can also ensure your recruiters have a better experience as well, so they can do what they do best. Harness their matchmaking ability to access talent through a simple process and deliver a more impactful candidate experience with a single view of each candidate, even if that candidate has come from multiple sources.

Recruitment Marketing Doesn’t Have to Be So Difficult

Recruitment marketing is challenging. But it’s not impossible. The primary struggle most organizations face today is that they fail to connect the core process areas of inbound marketing, sourcing, outbound marketing, relationship management, candidate engagement, and conversion and outcomes. Simply said, they continue to operate in an outdated, siloed environment. The outcome of all this is that organizations don’t see the results they need because they view these processes as separate activities.

Rather than entering the next decade with the same model and the same technology that’s been disconnected for two decades, or continuing to buy isolated point solutions as a short-term remedy, it’s time to get 2020 vision and realize that recruitment marketing optimization will have a huge impact not only on your recruiting, but also on your business. Imagine this new world of recruiting where candidates receive personalized experiences, your organization achieves integrated data and optimized systems, and your recruiters leverage a simple process for success.

2020 vision

How Do You Get 2020 Vision?

Getting 2020 Vision for the future means identifying and recognizing the right methodology to simplify the path to world-class recruitment marketing results in your organization. If you were at HR Tech this year, then you may have seen our announcement of the new EVOLVE Maturity and Efficiency Framework.

EVOLVE enables enterprise talent organizations to achieve 2020 Vision for the future. It guides recruitment marketing professionals to put into action the strategies and technology that will help them make decisions today to optimize their recruitment marketing, advance their maturity, deliver efficiencies across their enterprise, and prioritize ongoing recruitment marketing investments. The EVOLVE Framework is the only methodology available in the recruiting industry today that simplifies the complexity of recruitment marketing by bringing together the six core process areas. By breaking down barriers and removing siloes, EVOLVE simplifies the path to optimizing recruitment marketing strategies, processes and technology.

Talemetry has now made it easy for organizations to self-identify their current level of recruitment marketing efficiency and maturity through the new EVOLVE Self-Assessment. This free online resource gives talent acquisition leaders and recruitment professionals a simple way to understand how sophisticated their recruitment marketing currently is, and then develop strategies to improve the effectiveness of their recruitment marketing function for the future.

How Can 2020 Vision Improve Recruitment Marketing Results?

By understanding where you are currently based on the EVOLVE Framework, you can more effectively map out and begin connecting the core recruitment marketing processes and capabilities that will move you from the old world to the new world of recruiting. Remember, the decisions you make today in planning for 2019 will impact your ability, or inability, to get to this new world of optimized recruitment marketing.

Using EVOLVE will also help lead to quicker hires, lower cost per hire, better quality of hire, and eventually, less turnover in your organization. In other words, taking out the inefficiencies in your recruitment marketing process will help you make your recruiting organization—and ultimately your business performance—more successful not only for next year, but for the coming decade.

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