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Line of diverse candidates for a job standing behind a cutout as a metaphor for a discrimination during an employment interview, EPS 8 vector illustrationFrom entry-level employees to leadership, a workforce with varied backgrounds and experiences brings greater perspectives and drives more innovation. Simply put, workplace diversity improves a company’s bottom line and creates a greater exchange of ideas, competencies, and skills among staff.

Your recruiters know that getting the best underrepresented groups of candidates can be one of the toughest industry challenges in their workload. The right candidates aren’t always available on the company’s timeline, and the candidate pool you’re fishing from can be small depending on your need.

Make Sure No Candidate is Left Behind

Our recent guide, Connecting the Dots to Build Talent Pipelines with the Right Candidates, talks about what we believe to be THE best way to reach the most qualified candidates from a variety of backgrounds, experiences, and abilities.

This recruitment marketing method is built around your company’s different audience types, including your “strategic audiences” – those roles and opportunities that benefit from a wide array of diverse candidates.

Targeted Audience Recruiting for Diverse Audiences

Here are some of the diverse audiences we’ve seen Fortune 500 companies reach the most in 2019, and that will continue to drive targeted recruiting efforts in 2020. As you develop your specific goals, you’ll find that targeted audience planning really helps reach, and speak to, these candidate types.

  • Women in Leadership - Only 7% of CEOs at Fortune 500 companies are women, despite the fact that the gender population split is approximately 50/50. When it comes to the workplace, the pace of change for women in leadership continues to be slow. A recent Brandon Hall study showed that Fortune 500 companies must create a targeted effort to recruit and retain women leaders, and it revealed the importance of this tool and others to improve gender diversity. Check out our recent webinar where you can hear how Verizon has taken steps to prioritize women in leadership and target them during recruitment marketing campaigns.

  • Federal Contractors - Recruiting in the world of federal contractors is difficult. There are the usual challenges of finding candidates with top education, experience, technical skills, and cultural fit, along with meeting Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs requirements and then having to find candidates with the right security clearance. Since only about 1% of the US population has some level of security clearance and different roles require different levels of clearance the candidate pool can shrink quite quickly. Our client, SAIC, had this exact challenge, but became a success story after working with Talemetry to overhaul their outdated system. They improved their ability to reach specialized candidates and screen them quickly for the proper clearances and certifications – ultimately improving their candidate conversion rate and candidate satisfaction.

  • VeteransRoughly 250,000 military members transition to civilian life each year. This career shift can be difficult, and many companies are making a commitment to recruit, employ, and retain U.S. military veterans. Yes, on one level it’s in recognition of their sacrifice for the country. But make no mistake, it’s also because they have top skills employers need including leadership, effective communication, teamwork, adaptability, and problem solving. And these are just the “soft skills.” Our Talemetry Career Sites solution has a specific Google Cloud Talent Solution feature allowing military and veterans to enter their military occupational specialty code. This makes it easier for veterans to find those relevant civilian jobs that require similar skills to those used in their military roles on our customers career sites.

  • Minority Groups – In the workplace, people generally associate this term with gender and racial minorities, but it can also include any group of people that would be considered a small population of your workforce. These candidates range from those with special abilities and experiences to individuals who come from a background or ethnicity that can take your business to the next level with their talents. Talemetry’s recruitment marketing platform has the technology to source and attract more diverse candidates including minority groups, from creating personalized career sites to setting up auto-broadcast on diversity job boards.

Talented professionals and leading Fortune 500 companies are seeking a culture of inspiration, growth, and diversity. We’re here to help your company make that happen.

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