ICYMI: Where Fortune 500 Companies Go Wrong in Recruitment Content


While many companies have been creating great recruitment marketing content, most of the Fortune 500 are not delivering a candidate journey where candidates will ever see that content. On our webinar last week Pete Sanidas, VP Revenue, Talemetry and Kevin Grossman, President, The Talent Board reviewed the results from a recent audit of the Fortune 500 candidate journeys.

The Talemetry Research Team set out to learn:

#1: How do candidates quickly and easily find the right job for them? This focuses on the effectiveness of inbound traffic to the career site.

#2: How is recruitment content best leveraged to encourage candidates to take action? This focuses on the performance of the career site once candidates engage on the site.

Why was this important? Because companies are investing heavily in developing their employer brand, improving their candidate experience, and creating great recruitment marketing content. Talent Board Research found that video job descriptions is the top 2019 investment. In addition, 65% of companies said employer branding was a top initiative, and 48% said career site development was a top initiative. So companies are making the investment, but is that great content being seen?

You are creating great recruitment content, but the vast majority of candidates never see it.”

Would your company invest heavily in a great billboard sign and then create a maze around it where most customers would never see it? That’s what is happening on the candidate side.

After auditing the Fortune 500, the Talemetry Research Team has found that the vast majority have three major gaps in their candidate journeys.

  1. Vast majority of candidate journeys bypass the great recruitment marketing content that has been created
  2. Most companies are not utilizing new technologies like chatbot, TXT, AI and geo-personalization
  3. More than half of the Fortune 500 are not delivering specific experiences and content for targeted audiences

Candidates aren’t seeing great content

Most candidates aren’t even seeing the great content that is available on career sites. And 40% of the Fortune 500 rely on their ATS job descriptions and apply process. How does this happen? Well let’s consider how candidates are finding your jobs. Most of your candidates are starting by searching on a job board or through search engine optimization. And for most of the Fortune 500, those searches bring the candidate directly into the ATS job description, bypassing all of the great content on the career site.

The figure below depicts the Inbound versus Direct Candidate Journey. It illustrates the relationship between how candidates find your official job descriptions and the mechanisms or paths they use to find them. Whether they start from an inbound job board channel, like Indeed, or begin looking through organic or direct search that eventually leads them into your career site and to your official job description, there are multiple entry points for candidates to locate the jobs you have available. And if the journeys bring candidates directly into the ATS job description, that great recruitment content is never seen.


A recent CareerBuilder study found that 92.5 percent of candidates go directly to a specific job description first, while only while 7.5 percent of candidates visit your career site home page first and only 1.5 percent watch a corporate video. So companies are creating great content, but most candidates won’t even see it.

Most aren’t utilizing new technologies

While there’s been lots of talk around AI, chatbot, TXT, geo-personalization, all of the great technologies available to companies, there’s very few who have implemented them. There is a huge miss in geo location personalization. 79% of the Fortune 500 do not personalize job search based on identifiable geographic location or provide related map functionality. This ability for candidates to be presented jobs in a particular geographic area is being missed.

And there is lots of hype but little action around candidate chatbot. 94% of the Fortune 500 offer no chat interaction for candidates on their career site. There have been countless articles, chatter, and talk about chatbots improving the candidate experience the last couple of years. And for good reason. This conversational recruiting will be critical to attracting new generations of candidates. According to Canvas, 50 million millennials will be hired between now and 2025. This generation of candidates has grown up with instant communication and expect instant, asynchronous communication. So these tools that deliver conversational recruiting are critical to engaging and converting the right candidates.

Immediate potential to target key talent areas with relevant content

More than 62% of the Fortune 500 offer no focused content on key talent areas or do not link their talent areas to relevant jobs. Most organizations know what their key talent areas are. For healthcare organizations, it may be nurses or physicians. For retail companies it’s likely sales staff. For many industries, it’s technical staff. But still more than half of the Fortune 500 don’t clearly indicate these key talent areas on their career sites and don’t deliver specific content that is accessible from the candidate journey.

Companies like CDW have figured this out. For sales representatives who want to gain their experience at CDW, their candidate journey puts the right content in front of the candidate at the right time. All from a single candidate journey, aspiring sales reps can see relevant jobs, videos, and content specific to those roles.

Screen Shot 2019-08-06 at 9.42.48 AM
For many companies, the primary focus has been on creating recruitment content that supports employer brand. But now it’s time to consider how you deliver that content at the right stage of each talent journey.

What’s Next?

Stay tuned for our upcoming research report with the full findings on the candidate journey audit and how to get more value from the investment you’ve made in creating great content to support your employer brand. In the meantime, check out the webinar replay for a peak into the audit findings!


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