How to Optimize Recruitment Marketing for 2020 and Beyond


Last month, I had my regular eye exam. I’ve worn glasses and contact lenses since I was 15 years old, so I’m pretty used to all the procedures that my optometrist throws at me. But something happened during this exam that I wasn’t expecting.

After my doctor reviewed my chart and the results of my glaucoma air puff test, then proceeded to examine my eyes herself, her face tightened and she shot me a worried look. “You have high intraocular pressure,” she said. “Do you have a history of glaucoma in your family.”  “Yes,” I said. “My grandmother has it.” More worried looks. “Okay, we will need to have you do a series of tests to check what’s going on. It could be nothing, but we want to know for sure.” I’m not one to typically worry. But this had me concerned. How could I have not noticed something was wrong? Had I completely ignored the fact that my eyes weren’t seeing clearly?

Optimizing-recruitment-marketing-with-2020-VisionA week later, I was back at the doctor’s office. This time, preparing for the worst, but also grateful for the medical expertise and cutting-edge advancements to tell me what was going on. After a series of intense tests that lasted for about an hour, I was finished and exhausted. Three days later, I learned my diagnosis: No glaucoma. Instead, it was revealed that I have thicker than normal corneas that mask the true reading of intraocular pressure in my eyes.

Seeing Clearly in Recruitment Marketing

My glaucoma scare not only reinforced the importance of regular, annual eye exams. But it also got me thinking about what it means to truly leverage advanced technologies and innovations to see clearly. In my case, it was only by using advanced methodologies and insight that my true condition was uncovered.

After this ordeal was over, I couldn’t help but draw direct parallels to recruiting. In talent acquisition, we are faced with high pressure situations that sometimes distort our vision for the future. We get so wrapped up in the day-to-day complexity of what we do that we forget to check on the overall health of our recruiting function. We’ve gotten so accustomed to using our old, disparate technologies that we forget new, better ways of doing things exist. Simply, we go through the motions of our annual planning and evaluations, and we neglect the bigger picture of how we can improve.

So as you prepare to close out this decade and head into a new one, now is the time to consider how planning for the future should extend beyond the coming year. During the last 15 to 20 years, we saw a steady progression of technological capabilities that have significantly impacted the current recruiting landscape. But the rapid transformation in recruiting has also created a disconnected and siloed environment for recruitment.

Additionally, new innovations in recruiting continue to come fast and furiously. From AI to big data to chatbots, there are no limits to how recruiting will continue to transform in the coming years. The current environment has revealed that this is the era of opportunity for recruitment marketing optimization, if organizations can overcome the disconnect that has occurred in such a rapidly changing landscape.

What’s more, leaders today are paying closer and closer attention to the strategies and technologies used in talent acquisition, and specifically, the return on investment from recruiting and recruitment marketing. A recent CEO study from PWC indicated that 77 percent of CEOs say the availability of talent is the greatest threat to their organization. 60 percent of those same CEOs said they are completely rethinking their HR function and technology, and seeking ways to better engage candidates.

EVOLVE Your 2020 Vision

Rather than entering the next decade with the same model and the same technology that’s been disconnected for two decades, or continuing to buy isolated point solutions as a short-term remedy, it’s time to get 2020 Vision for the future. 2020 Vision for recruitment marketing means identifying and recognizing the right methodology to simplify the path to world-class recruiting results in your organization. Imagine a new world of recruiting where candidates receive personalized experiences, your organization achieves integrated data and optimized systems, and recruiters leverage a simple process for success. 

The technology agnostic EVOLVE Maturity and Efficiency Framework from Talemetry enables enterprise talent organizations to achieve 2020 Vision. It guides recruitment marketing professionals to put into action the strategies and technology that will help them make decisions today to optimize their recruitment marketing, advance their maturity, deliver efficiencies across their enterprise, and prioritize ongoing recruitment marketing investments.

The EVOLVE Framework is the only methodology available in the recruiting industry today that simplifies the complexity of recruitment marketing by bringing together the six core process areas. By breaking down barriers and removing silos, EVOLVE simplifies the path to optimizing recruitment marketing strategies, processes and technology.

Start to EVOLVE for the Future

Talemetry has made it easy for organizations to self-identify their current level of recruitment marketing efficiency and maturity through the new EVOLVE Self-Assessment. This free online resource gives talent acquisition leaders and recruitment professionals a simple way to understand how sophisticated their recruitment marketing currently is, and then develop strategies to improve the effectiveness of their recruitment marketing function for the future.

By understanding where you are currently based on the EVOLVE Framework, you can more effectively map out and begin connecting the core recruitment marketing processes and capabilities that will help you see more clearly in recruitment marketing.


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