How to Make Diversity Recruiting a Strategic Priority


A diverse workforce is more than just a nice-to-have. It is a strategic imperative that improves innovation, enhances perspectives, increases adaptability, and drives financial and organizational performance. In our last blog, we examined the business case for diversity recruiting, noting the correlation between a more diverse workforce and organizational performance. In fact, many organizations are actively adopting formal Diversity & Inclusion (D&I) recruitment marketing initiatives that go beyond compliance requirements to ensure they prioritize diversity candidates as a strategic audience. So how can you increase the diversity of candidates for your organization?

In this blog, we’ll take a look at four modern recruitment marketing strategies that your recruiting organization can use to find, connect with, nurture and convert more diverse candidates to enhance the inclusiveness of your workforce. We invite you to download our latest Diversity & Inclusion eBook to learn five additional ways to attract diverse candidates and drive greater performance in your organization.

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First, Let’s Define Strategic Audiences

Focusing on strategic audiences enables recruiting organizations to prioritize those key talent areas most important to driving business results. These can include diversity & inclusion candidates, university relations audiences for students, grads or interns, veterans and military hiring, or strategic audiences around executive hiring. Mature recruiting organizations have started providing candidate engagement content, or enacting inbound and sourcing strategies to strategic audiences to impact their hiring initiatives. Learn more about how prioritizing strategic audiences is a critical part of the award-winning EVOLVE Maturity & Efficiency Framework.

Four Modern Recruitment Marketing Strategies to Attract Diverse Candidates

#1: Ensure Diversity Content is Integrated Throughout Your Employer Brand Messaging

Targeting recruitment content to diversity candidates means understanding who you are engaging, and then speaking to those individuals from the genuine perspective of your employer brand. It does not mean adding a few disparate references of diversity on your primary career site. To attract a diverse range of candidates and showcase your organization as a diversity employer of choice, D&I content needs to be integrated and inherent throughout your entire company. Employees must embrace the values of diversity, and see this supported both from the top down and from the bottom up. Work with those leaders in your company responsible for D&I initiatives to incorporate messaging that values diverse perspectives, and ensures a candidate experience that resonates with diverse candidates. 


#2: Build Targeted Career Site Pages for Engaging Each Strategic Audience

When you leverage an award-winning enterprise recruitment marketing platform, you can create targeted microsites that are focused on your diversity candidates. This reinforces your commitment to a diverse workforce and allows you to provide compelling and relevant content to diverse candidates, rather than a one-size-fits-all approach. You can also tailor email campaigns and landing pages to the diverse candidates within your internal and external talent sources. If you are looking for candidates with military skills, a great way to enhance your offering to this strategic audience is to include a skills translator, like the Talemetry integration with Google Cloud Talent Solution, in your job search. Skills translators allow you to speak the language of transitioning service personnel through MOS Codes, and empower those military candidates to match their skills and experience with your open roles.

#3: Deliver Relevant Content for Each Strategic Audience

Build diversity content on your targeted career pages by including authentic stories of diversity employees, their career paths, interests and integration into your company. Identify any awards you have received for your D&I activities and any major accolades from major industry organizations, like the Forbes Best Employers for Diversity List. Showcase any diversity groups within your company and explain the support those employees receive within your organization. And provide a clear, genuine diversity mission statement that resonates with diversity candidates. Do your research. Talk to employees in your organization and discuss what is important to them as a diverse employee. Validate your findings with broader quantitative research and then build recruitment messaging that supports those findings. When you deliver authentic diversity content that is relevant, you will more effectively attract candidates with diverse perspectives.

#4: Build a Proprietary Database of Diverse Candidates

As enterprise organizations automate the process of acquiring diverse candidates through a recruitment marketing platform, their proprietary candidate relationship management (CRM) database becomes filled with a more diverse talent pool. As this diverse talent pool grows and is optimized, it becomes an invaluable resource for everyday hiring of diverse talent. With diverse candidates highly visible to recruiters, you can reinforce the importance of your diversity and inclusion initiatives to ensure your overall D&I program goals are met.


Start Focusing on Diversity Candidates as a Strategic Recruiting Priority

Finding and attracting diversity candidates should be a strategic imperative that is measured and improved continuously to increase the diversity and inclusiveness in your workforce. With strategies in place to attract diverse candidates, you’ll have a top pool of candidates to deliver on your overall D&I initiatives. And leveraging a modern enterprise recruitment marketing platform will enable you to effectively manage, grow and measure diversity hiring activities. If you’re ready to learn more about empowering your recruiting organization to attract a highly inclusive workforce both now and in the future, let us know.

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