During the last two decades, iCIMS has become a leading applicant tracking system for many enterprise companies. In fact, many organizations like Amazon and Microsoft have selected iCIMS to manage applicants through the hiring process. Yet during this time, talent acquisition has moved away from simply managing applicants to actively identifying and nurturing candidates, and providing modern candidate experiences to attract top talent. Many organizations are realizing that an ATS alone provides inadequate capabilities to engage candidates, and on its own, is a barrier to optimizing their recruiting function.

Bill Kutik even commented that the CEO of iCIMS ‘came a little late to the idea that the center of value has shifted away from the ATS to recruitment marketing.’ And even though iCIMS now offers iCIMS Connect, its candidate relationship management tool, less than one-fifth of the iCIMS customer base has adopted the technology, according to Kutik. With this in mind, many organizations today are finding themselves just not getting enough quality talent into iCIMS Recruit, and are left wondering how to improve recruiting in their organization. So if you currently use iCIMS, how can you leverage leading recruitment marketing technology to avoid missing out on top talent? 


Optimize Your iCIMS Investment with Leading Recruitment Marketing Technology from Talemetry

If you are ready to get more high quality talent into iCIMS Recruit, then you must do more than just rely on your ATS. You need to attract and engage more candidates leveraging leading recruitment marketing platform technology. As part of the iCIMS Partner Ecosystem, Talemetry is a trusted partner on the iCIMS UNIFi Marketplace.

Talemetry on iCIMS Marketplace

In fact, Talemetry offers proven integration capabilities, including the most pre-built ATS integrations available in the market today, including iCIMS, Workday, Infor and five Oracle HCM Cloud Marketplace Integrations. Talemetry also has a robust API for nearly all applicant tracking systems―available for individual Talemetry module offerings. 

Four Ways to Ensure Your iCIMS Investment Pays Off 

#1: Build Your Own Talent Database

If you use iCIMS, you need a way to build your own proprietary talent database of candidates from multiple sources. That way, you can easily access the talent you need, engage candidates more effectively, and drive conversion all the way through to the application process. When you leverage an integrated recruitment marketing platform, like the leading enterprise platform from Talemetry, you can build your own talent database from internal and external sources where you find top talent. Then you can search all of your talent sources for candidates and add them to current jobs or pipelines for future hiring.


Nurturing candidates throughout the recruitment process, and ensuring your organization is a 24/7 sourcing and recruiting machine, are likely two of the greatest challenges you have in just relying on your iCIMS ATS. You need to develop more targeted candidate outreach for outbound marketing activities by segmenting your talent database and prioritizing your key talent areas. Doing this enables you to build relationships with individuals by delivering hyper-personalized experiences and targeted content, when and where they need it during the talent journey. 

#2: Deliver Exceptional Candidate Experiences

Relying on your ATS exclusively guarantees that you will not deliver the types of consumer-quality experiences candidates expect. In fact, companies that use iCIMS are fairly limited in their ability to deploy personalized experiences and lack a full content management system to amplify employer brand and recruitment content. It takes the right recruitment marketing technology to identify how and when individual candidates engage with your content. But modernizing candidate engagement through AI powered experiences from Talemetry, you can leverage candidate data to personalize and contextualize content on your career site for each candidate, and then integrate that into our native CRM platform for candidate outreach. Using this information to directly communicate with and tailor recruitment messages to individual candidates empowers you to start personalizing each candidate journey and improve conversion results at the individual level.

#3: Make Candidate Conversion Your Primary Focus 

Conversion should be one of the most important goals of your interactions with candidates. And it takes many forms. Whether you are encouraging candidates to sign up for job alerts, opt in to your talent network, register for an event or eventually to apply for open positions, the emphasis of your conversion efforts should be on capturing information to increase what you know about candidates each step of the recruitment process. Check out our Fortune 500 Candidate Conversion Audit Insights Report to learn how you can more effectively convert candidates throughout their talent journey. Companies that leverage Talemetry solutions see on average application conversion rates at more than 70 percent, compared to the 20 to 30 percent industry standard.

#4: Measure What Matters 

Making your investment in iCIMS Recruit more valuable means measuring what is working and what you can improve across your recruiting function. This means gaining a holistic picture leveraging integrated analytics that identify true source-to-hire data. It means determining where your best talent is coming from and revealing your most effective campaigns. All this pre-application data is possible with the award-winning enterprise recruitment marketing platform from Talemetry. 


With real-time recruiting analytics, you can track the effectiveness of your recruiting efforts, measure and refine candidate sourcing activity, improve candidate engagement, pinpoint roadblocks and drive recruiting effectiveness throughout your entire recruitment process.

Start Optimizing Your HR Tech Stack Today

Don’t miss your opportunity to increase the amount of quality applicants you get into iCIMS Recruit. Work with Talemetry, a trusted partner on the iCIMS UNIFi Marketplace to ensure you deliver recruitment marketing results. Because as you start to optimize your HR tech stack, you can drive efficiencies and make recruiting more valuable and effective for your company, for your recruiters, and most importantly, for your candidates. 

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