How to Attract and Hire Quality Candidates During Change



Discover 5 ways Talemetry partners with LinkedIn and Indeed to find and hire job seekers in times of change. 

Talemetry customers have been affected by COVID-19 in different ways. We have some companies, like healthcare organizations and online retailers, experiencing urgent hiring needs that started as a direct response to the pandemic. And we have customers that have paused immediate hiring but are hard at work planning to hire over the next several months.  

Talemetry wants to be as helpful as possible to all Talemetry customers, no matter what their response to COVID-19. When it comes to helping our customers prepare for hiring, the Jobvite 2020 Job Seeker Nation Report (JSN Report) confirmed what we knew – social networking was going to play a huge part in job seekers’ search for support, community, and their next job opportunity.  

So we’ve partnered with Indeed and LinkedIn, who were some of the first companies to respond to job seekers’ and employers’ need to find each other when things like stress and uncertainty were making the job search more challenging than usual.  

Here are 5 ways Talemetry’s partnership with Indeed and LinkedIn helps employers hire today: 

1) It makes job seekers and jobs easy-to-find.  

While Indeed is an online job board, many of its features are evolving to capture the immediate and community-based nature of social media. One way they’ve done this is by encouraging job seekers to use hashtags.  

Sure, it’s fun and adds a little spice to recruiter-candidate interactions, but in the world of social, hashtags also play a huge role in making certain topics, posts, and individuals easy-to-find and search for.  

In one of Indeed’s guides to searching for a job during COVID-19, it not only directs people to use hashtags to get noticed, but it also advises job seekers to use #readytowork to stand out from the crowd. 

Similarly, LinkedIn regularly updates one of their articles listing organizations with immediate hiring needs and promotes it using #companieshiringnow, so their companies and open roles can easily be found by job seekers. 


2) It puts remote work front-and-center in job titles and descriptions. 

A rising number of US companies are now considering permanent remote and work-from-home options for non-essential workers. A recent study by Swinburne University conducted in May found that 62% of managers believed their teams would work “more" from home after the COVID-19 event while 14% said staff would do “significantly more" work from home. We also know that remote work appeals to more job seekers so specifying this on job descriptions can add to their appeal. According to the JSN Report, 65% of job seekers say remote work is ‘very important’ or ‘somewhat important’ in their decision to accept a job offer. 

This means that hiring teams need a more accurate way to reflect permanent versus temporary remote and work-from-home requirements on job descriptions.  

Talemetry supports advertising open positions on LinkedIn and Indeed as “Remote.”  Talemetry has recently updated its Requisitions to allow employers to specify remote work options – whether temporary or permanent remote - on Indeed.  


3) It helps employers fill priority roles quickly through “Urgent Hire” tags. 

Whether it’s nurses, warehouse employees, or online fulfillment specialists, we’ve definitely seen an increase in the need for specific roles. Wouldn’t it be great if there was an easy way to let job seekers know there was an urgent need for an opportunity? Well, now there is. 

Now, Indeed and LinkedIn offer tags very similar to the “Remote” features on job titles and job descriptions that communicate a company’s urgent need for a certain role. Not only can job seekers filter for “Urgent Hires,” but these postings stick out and inform the job seeker know they can expect a quick interviewing and onboarding process. A big win for both sides! 


4) It offers special programming for essential roles.  

After seeing healthcare job posts on LinkedIn increase by 35% once COVID-19 started, the company acted quickly to give healthcare, supply chains, supermarkets, and freight delivery services new opportunities and special offers to ensure these essential roles are filled with as little stress to employers as possible.  

In addition to special offers that removed some of the burden of posting massive volumes of roles to fill quickly, both LinkedIn and Indeed have been offering virtual career fairs and other educational events to help expose companies and their urgent roles. 


5) It simplifies the application process. 

Employees needing to hire with urgency will improve their chances of conversion with a simple, mobile-optimized apply process.  Job seekers need easy ways to pull in their professional data into the application without having to recreate the wheel every time.  That’s why Talemetry has partnered with popular job seeker sites like LinkedIn and Indeed to make this process quick and easy.  

In partnership with Indeed, Talemetry now supports Indeed Apply, which allows job seekers to directly apply for jobs using their Indeed Profile.  Talemetry partners with LinkedIn to allow job seekers to apply to open jobs using their LinkedIn profile. 

Reach out today to learn how Talemetry helps employers hire during change. 



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