How Optimizing Operations Improves Candidate Engagement


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It’s hard to believe it’s been just over 20 years since Netflix was founded. During that time, the company has amassed more than 137 million streaming subscribers worldwide, according to Statista, and nearly 59 million in the U.S. alone based on the company's Q3 2018 results. The company has successfully provided premium content, delivered relevant content in a hyper-personalized way and offered consumers control of their streaming subscriptions. With basic, standard or premium plans available, Netflix has revolutionized digital content delivery and empowered consumers to own their digital media experiences.

In a modern digital world, it is the interactions from Netflix and others that establish expectations for candidates. But it’s still baffling how many enterprise organizations today are failing to deliver a consumer-quality candidate experience. Part of the reason for this laggard approach is that recruitment marketing operations are not optimized to provide a candidate-first experience and empower candidates to control their own talent journey. optimizing-recruitment-marketing-operations

So why is this occurring? One reason is that recruitment marketing is overly complex because data is disparate and systems are disconnected. The old world of recruiting has created a siloed environment with limited candidate conversion, disparate relationship management and a lack of insight into recruiting analytics to improve outcomes. Modern organizations who are serious about delivering a quality candidate experience must integrate their technologies and optimize their investments across talent strategies, processes and operations to maximize effectiveness, scalability and visibility of analytics.

Streamlining Candidate Communication and Engagement

One way to borrow from the modern marketer's playbook is by providing flexibility to candidates and empowering them to own their own communication preferences. Much like Netflix offers levels of streaming plans to consumers, and enables them to change or upgrade their plans at anytime on their own account page, recruiting organizations today should allow candidates to choose their level of engagement and interaction.

For example, say a candidate isn’t ready to apply at your organization for a specific role. But she does want to receive job alerts by email and SMS/text. Maybe she is curious about what’s out there. Or maybe she just wants to be kept in-the-know on opportunities at your organization. Whatever her motivation, give her control over her own communication so she can select only those options relevant to her and not be spammed or overwhelmed with unrelated content.

Talemetry is empowering companies today to optimize this portion of the candidate experience through the new Talemetry Candidate Portal. This feature is part of our latest release that offers single candidate subscription and consent management. Candidate Portal enables candidates to manage personalized subscription settings, ensure individuals receive relevant recruitment content and stay informed with only the communications they want. For recruiters, Candidate Portal provides multiple communication methods to engage candidates, while mitigating the risk of increased candidate dropouts. And for organizations, this new feature ensures compliance with anti-spam governing bodies to prevent fines, uphold the company’s reputation and maintain healthy business practices.

Put Your Candidates in the Driver’s Seat

The current environment for candidates typically does not value their preferences, interests or desires. With the perpetual ATS black hole, where candidates are used to not hearing back from an employer, imagine how your organization can set itself apart by valuing candidates at an individual level. Talemetry Candidate Portal puts candidates in the driver’s seat to manage their own subscription content, including email settings, job notifications and consent. This allows candidates to be more selective about the types of content they receive without opting out of all emails from an organization.

Ensuring candidates receive only the most relevant content and empowering them to manage their flow of communication supports greater content personalization and increases candidate engagement throughout the recruitment process. And as mentioned, it reduces global unsubscribes, provides multiple engagement channels, and enables higher conversions and visibility of new jobs by allowing candidates to create their own notifications. Your organization also maintains compliance by passing subscription information to your ATS, while having ATS information passed back to the Talemetry platform.

Evolving Your Strategies with Talemetry

When you evolve the way you approach candidate engagement through your recruitment marketing operations, then you are able to advance your recruitment strategies to a deeper level of maturity. Talemetry Candidate Portal is just one way you can optimize operations with Talemetry from our latest product release. Combine this with other operational features like SAML 2.0 support for SSO and automated processes for GDPR, and you can further optimize the candidate experience by streamlining data integration and compliance.

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