How Expanding Recruitment Marketing Analytics Drives Value for Your Organization


Part 4 of 4 in the Evolve Your Strategies with Talemetry Series

The renown management expert Peter Drucker once said, ‘If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it.’ What that means for modern day recruiting is the more you understand what’s going on in your recruiting function, the more you can enhance and optimize your performance. Knowing what to measure and how to measure it is key to recognizing what is working in your recruitment marketing activitiesand what isn't. 

Earlier this year, we shared the Top 10 Analytics to Measure the Effectiveness of Your Recruitment Marketing Strategy. These are the top 10 fundamental analytics that demonstrate the vitality of your recruitment marketing strategy and show the value you add to your recruiting organization. Knowing how your strategies and activities relate to these metrics is foundational in proving the performance of your function. 

expanding-recruiting-insights-and-analyticsBut what are some more incremental ways you can report on and refine your recruitment marketing effectiveness? How can you improve your tracking of talent sources to understand where your best candidates come from? And how can you leverage cutting-edge talent analytics from newer sources of traffic like Google for Jobs to evolve how you monitor key recruiting data?

Expand Your Insights to Enhance Your Strategies

Mature recruiting organizations know that drilling down on analytics and expanding their recruitment marketing insights leads to greater opportunities for improving performance. So to wrap up Part 4 in the Evolve Your Strategies with Talemetry Series, let’s take a look at just three of the new ways organizations can enhance their insights with the leading enterprise recruitment marketing platform from Talemetry:

#1: Set Up Sources for Customized Tracking

Knowing where your best sources of talent come from is essential in knowing where to spend time and resources for attracting more high quality candidates to your company. One new tool, as part of Talemetry’s latest product release, empowers company administrators to set up their own sources for customized tracking. This new functionality gives greater flexibility to each organization, while expanding analytical capabilities for specific source tracking.

#2: Segment with New Source Types

Knowing how to categorize and segment source types further enables better source tracking. With Talemetry, when users create a new source ID, they can choose from a wide number of source types and subtypes, including customized event and internal sources. With expanded source types, you can more accurately segment your candidates and further identify your best sources of talent for greater outreach and investment.

#3: Improve Source Attribution from Google for Jobs Referrals

When Google joined the recruiting game in 2017 with the introduction of Google for Jobs, it took freeform searches from job seekers and applied Google machine learning to better match candidates to relevant jobs. As your company seeks to optimize job listings on your own career site to ensure you are driving traffic to the right place, you can also enhance visibility of source attribution coming from Google for Jobs. The latest product release from Talemetry gives you expanded insights into categorizing Google for Jobs referrals, and keeps you on the cutting-edge of source traffic based on Google machine learning.

Refinement of Recruitment Marketing ActivitiesEvolve-Recruitment-Marketing-Award

These three expanded recruiting analytics are just a part of the overall Talemetry Analytics solution that empower organizations to track and measure the effectiveness of their recruitment marketing activities with real-time visual source-to-hire analytics. This enables your recruitment marketing function to continuously measure and refine candidate sourcing activities, improve candidate engagement, pinpoint specific process areas for improvement based on the award-winning EVOLVE Maturity & Efficiency Framework, and drive greater recruiting effectiveness across your recruiting organization. 


Evolving Your Strategies with Talemetry

As you expand and evolve the way you approach recruiting analytics, your organization can better identify and understand how to drive results that create greater value in your recruiting organization. Remember, your goal in recruitment marketing is to continuously improve how you find, engage, nurture and convert better talent, faster. And you can only do that by measuring and managing your ongoing performance.

Enhancing your ability to measure new recruiting metrics is foundational to optimizing your performance. The innovations in Talemetry’s latest product release enable enterprise organizations to significantly evolve their recruitment marketing strategies to deliver better, faster and more cost-effective hires. So what are you waiting for? Time to expand your insights and measure what matters to your organization.

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