How Do You Increase Application Conversion Rates From Indeed?


Finding top talent and connecting with candidates is more costly and more time consuming than ever before. It’s estimated that in the U.S. alone, organizations spend more than $160 billion annually in recruiting for open positions. SHRM reports the average cost per hire is now at more than $4,100. And in 2015, Deloitte put time-to-hire at an average of around 52 days—up from just 19 days in 2000.

But the truth is, with all the money spent on recruiting, 45% of candidates never actually hear anything back from employers. And even worse, 83% of candidates rate their job search experience as poor, according to Forbes in 2017. So with all the time and money spent on recruitment, why don’t you have better results to show for it?


The answer is that you may not be focused on conversion and outcomes. The hard reality is that you probably do have enough candidates visiting your career site or looking at your job postings, but you are not converting them properly along the way. And all that time and money spent on recruitment advertising, job postings and other forms of digital recruitment marketing are wasted if you can’t convert candidates each step of the recruitment process. Whether it’s opting in to job alerts or getting candidates to join a talent network, or most importantly, converting candidates into applicants, conversion should be the primary focus of your talent acquisition efforts. For now, let’s drill down on one key conversion area to examine how you can increase application conversion rates from one of the largest job sites in the world.

Remove Roadblocks to Candidate Conversion

According to Indeed, it offers the top job site in the world, with over 200 million unique visitors every month. That’s a lot of opportunities to promote your company and open positions. The only problem is that converting candidates into applicants on Indeed has been a difficult challenge for organizations. Typically, only four percent of candidates who click to apply on Indeed actually complete the application process based on the multiple links required to get to your ATS application. But there are simple changes you can make to improve your application volume. If you remove the roadblocks in your application process, you can improve candidate conversion, increase your application volume and enhance the candidate experience.

Picture this scenario. A candidate goes on Indeed to search for jobs. She finds a job she’s interested in and clicks on the job description. She decides she’s qualified for the role and clicks to apply. But then, rather than getting into the application itself, she is redirected to a career site that shows the same job description. She clicks again to apply. But then, she’s prompted for her username and password. She is required to create a new username and password to proceed. Once she does, then she can enter the application itself and begin the long application process. This scenario represents a typical candidate journey today from Indeed. Many roadblocks. Many opportunities for the candidate to get frustrated. And many places to drop off in the process. Not only does this reflect poorly on your employer brand, but it also creates a terrible experience that is all too common for candidates today. Even worse, the best candidates are usually the first to fall out from your application process. So what can you do to remove these roadblocks? The answer is simple. Fix your broken application process. 

Fix Your Application Process with Integrated Recruitment Marketing Platform Technology

Your application process is the ultimate place to turn candidates into applicants. And the good news is that there are very simple changes you can make to improve your process and increase your application volume from Indeed. We are pretty excited about this—and you definitely will be, too. That’s because we’re thrilled to announce the all-new integration between Indeed and Talemetry. 

This new partnership allows your organization to leverage the latest recruitment marketing platform technology and create a streamlined candidate experience that drives application conversion results. The seamless integration between Talemetry Apply and Indeed Apply allows candidates to directly feed their profile into your applicant tracking system—all without leaving Indeed. This dramatically improves the experience that candidates have during the application process and drives conversion results for your organization. In fact, it takes the typical four percent conversion rate and leads to upwards of 80 percent application completion. Just think of the impact this would have on increasing the size of your talent pool and improving your access to quality candidates.

It’s Time to Take the Lead with Talemetry

Focusing on application conversion and the importance of making every recruitment dollar count should be a driving force for your recruiting organization. You don’t have to throw your money away. You just need to recalibrate your focus by converting candidates into applicants with the easy-to-use, seamless industry integration between Indeed and Talemetry. We know change is never easy, but it is worth it. Make the choice to simplify your application process and optimize the candidate experience. Because there’s never been a more exciting time to be in talent acquisition. It’s just one more way you can take the lead with Talemetry—and get the results to back it up.

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