How Data Driven Recruiting Made Talent Acquisition Highly Efficient at CDW


Last week’s RecruitingDaily webinar, featuring Jared Bazzell, Manager, Talent Acquisition, CDW, provided an incredible glimpse into how the Fortune 500 organization drives productivity and efficiency by leveraging data driven recruiting throughout its recruitment ecosystem. CDW is a leading multi-brand technology solutions provider to business, government, education and healthcare organizations in the United States, the United Kingdom and Canada. The company employs more than 9,400 coworkers and generates net sales over $16 billion annually. CDW’s talent acquisition team is built to scale in order to serve customers globally, and it leverages a best-in-class, best-of-breed HR tech stack. With technology in the company’s very DNA, the organization is always looking to drive innovation, productivity, and efficiency by leading in the adoption of new technologies.

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Yet in the first quarter of 2016, CDW was moving faster than its talent acquisition technology. And it recognized that it had created an incredibly complex process for candidates. Examining its own career site, the talent acquisition team recognized that the UI/UX of this site did not match its own corporate standards. In fact, it took more than six clicks before you could even begin a job application. Once candidates reached the application, it took more than 12 pages to complete the application itself and required typically 15 to 20 minutes if a candidate had all the necessary information. With such a long, complex application process, the company was losing a high amount of candidates who didn’t want to complete such a lengthy application. The team recognized that in such a difficult war for talent, every minute and every experience mattered for candidates. It needed a data driven recruiting approach that could address the major recruitment challenges of the organization.


The Drivers for Change at CDW

The key drivers for change at CDW centered on improving its candidates experience, and enhancing productivity and process efficiency. Understanding that a poor candidate experience impacted how talent perceived CDW as a technology solutions provider, and limited adoption by the talent acquisition team in using legacy technology and productivity tools resulted in missed ROI, the company set out to look for a new innovative platform that would be easy to use and drive a positive experience for candidates. Plus with a talent database of more than 250,000 candidates, CDW needed a system that could integrate across platforms to nurture candidates and enhance candidate engagement.

After a complete review of its talent acquisition lifecycle for more than 12 months, evaluating more than 20 vendors, and more than 75 hours invested by each core team member, the talent acquisition team established five core business requirements for investing in a more data driven, innovative approach, including:

  • Evolution
  • Thought Leadership
  • Efficiency and Effectiveness
  • Information and Security
  • Reliability and Stability

These five core requirements would drive the search for an enhanced talent acquisition technology stack. The company recognized it needed a solution to meet long-term recruitment goals and objectives, and to reinvent the talent acquisition lifecycle for the future. It selected Talemetry for its integrated enterprise recruitment marketing platform and Recruitics, an integrated partner of Talemetry, for its recruitment advertising management. Together, the selection of these vendors would drive an enhanced candidate experience, and improve the overall analytics and reporting capabilities to increase the organization's new data driven recruiting approach.

The Impact to the Candidate Experience and Recruiting Process: As Told By the Data 

When CDW began its journey, the talent acquisition team did not know fully what the outcome would be. But it did know that a crucial part of its strategy would be to measure its results and to understand insights to ensure it was maximizing its new investments. This meant real-time analytics and reporting were essential from its new talent acquisition technology. Since embarking on its journey, CDW now actively measures recruiting analytics across the talent journey and can pinpoint any recruiting roadblocks to drive ongoing performance. Based on its new approach to recruiting, according to the presentation, CDW has seen some outstanding results to its career site activity, recruiting process, total number of applicants and overall leadership position. 

Impact to Career Site Activity

The new CDW careers site experience, powered by Talemetry, has impacted overall career site activity. Specifically the company has seen:

  • 43% increase in total visitors
  • 47% increase in average session duration
  • 150% increase in mobile device career site visitors
  • More than 500K+ career site visitors in 2018

CDW Careers Site-1

Impact to Recruiting Process

The recruiting process at CDW has been transformed and exceeded benchmark data, including:

  • 70%+ open rates for outbound emails, with industry averages at approximately 20%
  • 83% application completion rates, with industry averages between 20 to 30%
  • 51% decrease in cost per application for high volume recruitment
  • 69% increase in applications across all roles


Impact to Additional Applicants

The ability to drive increased traffic to the career site also resulted in additional applicants for CDW:

  • 32% increase in average number of applicants per opening
  • 199% increase in monthly organic job visits 
  • 214% increase in monthly conversion rates 
  • 406% increase in monthly organic applies 

Impact to Industry Leadership Position

  • Top 5% of Fortune 500 Companies based on the Talemetry Fortune 500 Candidate Experience Audit
  • 500K prospective candidates profiles in the CDW Talent Network
  • 66% increase in prospective candidate profiles added to CDW Talent Network
  • 170K total recruiter initiated status changes in CDW Talent Network

Start Transforming Recruitment Marketing with Your Own Data Driven Approach

The lessons of the CDW story provided by Jared Bazzell showcase how talent acquisition teams can enhance their approach to recruiting by emphasizing metrics that matter to the organization. By understanding the importance of improving the candidate experience and increasing recruiter adoption of talent acquisition technology, CDW was able to focus on data to measure the results of its new solutions and prove the value the recruiting organization was delivering. By continuing to focus on this data driven approach, CDW can continuously identify other areas for recruitment marketing optimization.

If you’re ready to make talent acquisition more effective and efficient just like CDW, then let us show you how we can help. Take a minute to request a free demo of the leading enterprise recruitment marketing platform from Talemetry. And start your journey to data driven recruiting in your own organization.

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