How Can You Convert More Candidates Using Google Cloud Job Discovery?


Converting candidates into applicants is one of the most important, but most challenging steps in recruitment. And as every recruiter and talent acquisition professional knows, eliminating barriers to conversion is essential to increasing candidate conversion rates. For most organizations today, application conversion rates typically reach only 20 to 30 percent. And that is a huge missed opportunity to find, connect with and hire the right talent.

The introduction of Cloud Job Discovery, part of Google for Jobs, has made a big impact on the recruitment technology landscape. It has also removed many of the search barriers that have traditionally kept potential candidates from discovering your open positions and turning into actual applicants for your company. So what exactly is Cloud Job Discovery? According to Google, ‘Job Discovery provides plug and play access to Google’s search and machine learning capabilities, enabling the entire recruiting ecosystem—company career sites, job boards, and applicant tracking systems, and staffing agencies to improve job site engagement and candidate conversion.’

By using machine learning to better understand and recognize ‘both job content and the intent of job seekers,’ Google indicates that companies experience increased career site engagement, higher application rates and improved candidate conversion. In fact, Google reports that leading organizations have seen more than a 40 percent increase in the number of high quality applicants for business critical roles by leveraging Job Discovery through integrated recruitment technologies.

The New Partnership Between Talemetry and Google

The big news for recruiting organizations is that Talemetry and Google have recently joined forces to offer streamlined, easy-to-use access to Cloud Job Discovery. This means you can leverage Google machine learning through Cloud Job Discovery on Talemetry Career Sites to maximize your career site traffic, enhance the candidate experience and improve application conversion rates.

How Does Talemetry Work With Cloud Job Discovery?

Our direct integration with Cloud Job Discovery means you get easy access to leverage job data models, and proven search and machine learning capabilities from Google. The integration also provides organizations with job synonym recognition, improved query intent and concept recognition, enhanced location descriptions and cloud job analytics.

Google Cloud Discovery and Talemetry

The Features That Improve Candidate Conversion

From concept recognition to location expansion to real-time query broadening, the direct integration of Talemetry with Cloud Job Discovery far surpasses the standard keyword search that your candidates are doing currently to find jobs. And that means you get more opportunities to connect with top talent who want to apply for your open positions. 

Talemetry with Cloud Job Discovery Features

It’s Time To Take The Lead With Talemetry

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Simplifying your recruitment marketing efforts and leveraging the partnership between Talemetry and Google will ensure more of the right candidates apply for the right positions in your organization. Make sure you’re focused on maximizing your career site traffic to convert more candidates into applicants. This is an incredible time in talent acquisition—don’t miss your opportunity to take advantage of this recruitment technology integration to drive measurable result for your organization.

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