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IBM CEO Ginni Rometty was recently quoted on her perspective of Artificial Intelligence (AI). Rather than the perilous, dire picture that some notable figures paint, Rometty offered that, “some people call this artificial intelligence, but the reality is this technology will enhance us. So instead of artificial intelligence, I think we'll augment our intelligence.” Her perspective has direct application for recruiting and for enhancing the candidate experience. In fact, artificial intelligence for recruiting is already making an impact as evidenced by recent industry research. 

According to Undercover Recruiter, “Artificial Intelligence working with human resources sounds like a contradiction, but 80% of executives believe AI can improve productivity and performance.” Similarly, a recent article on Forbes cited a study by Harris Interactive. According to the study, “22% of companies are using AI to solve their talent challenges, yet 44% of all C-level execs interviewed believe that AI can improve the talent acquisition process and talent retention.” So while organizational adoption may still be low, the growth potential rate of AI will continue to increase in the coming years as executive leadership sees the value in its adoption.


Modernizing Candidate Engagement Through AI

One of the primary ways organizations can begin to incorporate AI for recruiting is by assisting candidates in their job search. By leveraging capabilities like chatbot powered by AI, you can deliver a hyper-personalized candidate experience. Interacting through a personal job assistant gives candidates the exact information they are looking for at the exact moment they are searching for it. And it reinforces your organization’s commitment that you are interested in each individual as a candidate.

Undercover Recruiter further reinforces this AI application. According to the recent article, “chatbots can assist potential recruits who have questions that you might not have time to answer immediately. They can also engage applicants who have looked at positions or applied, but haven’t received responses from your company. They can also automate the process of letting people know about the progression of their application.” By providing real-time responses and engaging candidates in their own candidate journey, your company can better drive conversion results at the individual level, and create an experience that is engaging, memorable and truly personalized.

AI Solutions that Put the Candidate First

With the knowledge that AI adoption is only set to increase in talent acquisition, it’s important to have a candidate-first perspective as you consider chatbot capabilities driven by AI. Just for a moment, put yourself in the shoes of your candidates. Imagine you are the job seeker. It’s late in the evening and you’re looking for more information on a particular company. Maybe you want to know if there are positions open in your area. Or maybe you can’t figure out how to join the company’s talent network. Or maybe you are looking to see what kind of benefits the organization offers. Maybe you just want the scoop on the company’s culture.

Whatever it is, leveraging AI technologies in the form of a personal chatbot enables and empowers your candidates to move forward in their job search. And it does this all while leveraging a cutting-edge, personalized channel of communication for candidates that increases engagement and conversion—regardless of when and where they are in their talent journey. Simply, AI driven chatbot technology is an effective way for your company to increase what you know about each candidate and move them toward the ultimate conversion point of application completion.

And that’s exactly why Talemetry offers the latest in chatbot technology to select customers. Configured specifically by customer need, career site optimization and text capability, Talemetry brings together the architecture of AI chatbot technology plus live career site chat and texting functionality that organizations can use to engage candidates where they are most for the questions they need answered.

In fact, it’s through our new and enhanced platform capabilities that we continue to showcase our vision for maximizing candidate-centric recruiting AI solutions. The newest features included in our latest product release enable talent acquisition teams to drive job seekers to AI-led text conversations, maximizing recruiter efficiency and accelerating the hiring process.

Evolving Your Strategies with Talemetry

Whether you are just starting to consider what it means to adopt AI technology for your organization or are further down the path of identifying the right recruitment marketing partner to help you incorporate AI into your candidate engagement strategies, one thing is certain. You need to partner with an organization that understands AI technology is just one portion of a broader, sound candidate engagement strategy to enhance the candidate experience and drive recruitment results. 

Yes, AI offers modern, cutting-edge recruiting capabilities, but you must make sure that your organization is mature enough and has fundamental recruitment marketing strategies, processes and technologies in place to continue evolving your talent acquisition function. If you’d like to find out how mature your organization is, then we invite you to take our free online self-assessment based on our EVOLVE Maturity & Efficiency Framework. Remember, AI is intended to enhance your candidate experience. And just as Ginni Rometty expressed, it can greatly enhance the experience and intelligence of your organization.

Learn more about the newest upgrades to our Talemetry Text solution that offers AI-powered textbots to provide personalized communication with many candidates at one time! And don't hesitate to reach out to us with any questions.

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