How AI and Text Help Companies Impress and Keep the Best Talent



Competition may be fierce — but so are you.

Everyone is asking the age-old question of “how do recruiters keep and retain great talent?” Buzzwords like “future of work,” “gig economy,” and “company perks,” are all the rage, and for good reason! It shows a renewed commitment to the employee and candidate experiences.

But before companies start to plan for significant changes to their candidate experience strategy, it’s important to dive into what’s behind the heart of those buzzwords, discover what potential and current employees are asking for, and learn how AI and text are helping recruiters impress candidates from the first touchpoint and engage them all the way through the candidate journey to long-term employment.

Make Applying Easy and Engaging from the Start with Text

Thankfully, most companies have been using online applications for the past few years. But with candidates’ digital footprints taking them across mobile devices, social platforms, and apps, it’s important to meet candidates where they are — and making communicating with recruiters and applying as simple as possible using whichever device or platform they prefer.

Using AI, recruitment marketing seamlessly appeals to the modern and traditional candidates. For the more modern candidate, companies can generate short codes and post them on digital and print ads. Once candidates see the ad, they can text in the short code and immediately start the screening process, while also capturing the candidate’s data for segmentation and future engagement.

For candidates and recruiters that enjoy the more traditional networking events and career fairs, AI gives mobile users the ability to snap a picture or take a screenshot of a resume and submit a digital profile, rather than spending time in a line filling out an application. This means candidates get to spend quality time building relationships with the recruiters, and recruiters save time by avoiding manual input of candidate information.

Build Personalized Experiences Using AI

Recruiting technology not only makes the application process easier, it allows for a personal touch that’s so important to new candidates and veteran employees. Personalization has sprung from shifting consumer expectations. A recent survey found that 90% of consumers find personalization appealing and 80% say personalization leads to purchasing decisions.

So how do those consumer behaviors translate to candidate expectations? Again, a little bit goes a long way. If you text or email a candidate about an open position, make sure it relates to their skills. You wouldn’t want to send a candidate interested in a marketing role one that’s suited for an engineer, right?

You can also take your employment branding efforts to the next level by sending some of your company’s branding pieces to a candidate based on their interests. Did they include volunteer work on their resume? You could send them a video of your company’s volunteer work over the past year. And bitmojis offer a personal, visual representation on who’s talking on the other side of the screen.

Treat All Candidates Like Top Talent with the Help of Chatbots

Let’s face it, not every candidate is going to be the right fit for the role you’re trying to fill. But that doesn’t mean they’re not a top candidate for a different role or a role that will be needed in the future. By treating all candidates like they’re quality candidates, you will ensure that they stay warm in your pipeline, and they will remain excited about the prospect of working with your company, even if it’s not the right time.

Chatbots harness the power of AI to identify candidates based on tagged information and send personalized texts to candidates based on their location, preferences, experiences, certifications, and more. The best part is that these chatbots enable recruiters to schedule texts and automatically send them in a pre-determined cadence that can ensure candidates are receiving reminder texts of upcoming networking events, new positions, interview reminders, etc.

Show Your Human Side by Leaning in — Intentionally and Often

Whether you love it or hate it, the consumer world has made candidates and employees very comfortable speaking their minds, both on internal forums and a company’s social platforms. If you want to know what will keep your best candidates around, simply ask them. The data is showing that they’re more than willing to tell you.

The most successful recruiters and talent acquisition professionals are making sure to reach out to their employees by combining technology with opportunities for genuine human connection. Lean in and listen to your employees by planning town hall meetings, and use tech to gather RSVPs via email and text. Understand your employees’ biggest triumphs and challenges by creating employee surveys and tracking their responses, then build benefit and training programs to help improve your employees’ professional and personal lives.

If you want to hear more about how your company can leverage AI and Text to attract and retain the best talent, we’d be happy to help. Check out our new page featuring the latest in our text solutions!

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