How a Global International Bank Transformed its Internal Systems and their Candidate Experience



This global banking powerhouse is responsible for the transactions and investments of several different international brands. With over 100,000 employees, the global bank has seen success in managing the organizational complexities and regulatory requirements of their unique clientele and are committed to unparalleled customer service.

Even more impressive, they used the 2008 recession as an opportunity to restructure and reinvent the company. After experiencing high growth driven by acquisitions and several autonomous business units across multiple regions and major consumer brands, they wanted to focus on solving one of the company’s biggest challenges: providing maximum efficiency and satisfaction to its internal business units.

Their efforts toward gaining efficiencies and evolving their candidate experience resulted in a centralized talent pool that has grown by 87% and continues to grow 10% on a monthly basis. But how were those efforts formed, and what can we learn from a company that achieved some of its greatest success and underwent some of its biggest changes during challenging times? 
Here are six ways they changed their systems, processes, and strategies to help them surpass their customers’ high expectations and continue to grow:

They gained departmental alignment to switch platforms.

In 2011, this global bank began a journey to restructure their HR service delivery from an organizational and technical perspective. They standardized on the Oracle PeopleSoft HCM platform, building on an already heavy investment in PeopleSoft across their company. This involved a corporate-wide upgrade of PeopleSoft and a functional deployment across several disciplines. Talent acquisition would be migrated from a SaaS ATS provider to PeopleSoft.

“We needed flexibility,” said the bank’s Head of Program Delivery. “The system needed to meet the needs of everything from a niche investment bank, to supporting the volume hiring necessary for our operational teams and our personal business banking.”

They did not compromise when choosing an integration partner.

“It was important for us to have a product that Oracle would recommend and endorse to work with our PeopleSoft platform,” added the bank’s Head of Program Delivery. “Oracle Gold Partner Talemetry was the only vendor to address all the priorities and concerns that we noted.”

Talemetry implemented the solution using a phased approach. The bank was migrating from their old ATS to PeopleSoft TAM while implementing a number of other system changes to core HR, helpdesk and more. One of the main concerns was ensuring there would be no hiccups that could reflect negatively on their brand.

In the first of three six-month phases, the bank began by integrating Talemetry to their old legacy ATS, deploying Talemetry’s candidate experience solutions and setting up candidate and job feeds. Because Talemetry sits between the ATS and candidates, and syncs jobs and candidate data between the ATS and external vendors, it is uniquely effective at facilitating ATS transitions. It reduces data migration and minimizes recruiter/candidate disruption.

They built their website so that it was mobile-optimized

They maintained several career sites that were highly customized, their drop off rate was high, and they were experiencing instability with their jobs’ integration. They worked to ensure that all of their sites were mobile-enabled so they wouldn’t miss out on a large number of interested candidates that the data revealed wanted tailor-made digital experiences and were turning to mobile devices to search and apply for jobs.

They automated the job posting process for recruiters.

Talemetry’s Job Broadcast module has allowed the bank to centrally automate posting based on job type, location, or any other business rules. This removes the requirement for recruiters to review and post new requisitions. Talemetry’s analytics give a crystal clear view of activity and results over the first 10 months including 81,139 applications completed and 740 hires.

They transformed their candidate experience through personalization.

Talemetry has provided a flexible platform for the bank to showcase their multiple brands and target jobs and content to their various candidate targets. “Talemetry has allowed us to not only deploy targeted general sites, but campaign-specific sites to support our events or email outreach with targeted relevant content,” said the bank’s Head of Program Delivery. “If you had told us to expect two million visits with an average of four actions per visit before we implemented Talemetry, we would have signed up immediately.” In the first 10 months, Talemetry’s Candidate Experience Solutions have supported 7 external career sites globally, 15 external campaign microsites, 72,000+ candidates registered via Talent Network, and more.

They plan for future success.

This global bank, like all Talemetry clients, gets the benefit of a Customer Success Manager and EVOLVE Model. Talemetry’s support team and the bank’s team meet monthly to discuss issues or trends that are affecting the system and their business and the best opportunities to mature the recruitment marketing program. “We’ve got a really great working relationship with Talemetry and that doesn’t happen by accident,” says the Head of Program Delivery. “It takes a lot of work on their side and on ours, but it has been critical to our success.”

If you’re interested in hearing more about how Talemetry has helped leaders in financial services and other industries leverage their current ATS and increase the number of qualified applicants, reach out today. We’d love to help you grow by helping you find the right candidates at the right time.


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