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Gwinnett Medical Center is a 553-bed, not-for-profit health care network that provides a wide array of high-quality services and facilities to Lawrenceville, Duluth, Hamilton Mill, Johns Creek and the metro Atlanta area.

With more than 5,300 employees and 800 affiliated physicians, we have repeatedly received national recognition for clinical excellence, ranking in the top 5% in the nation for clinical quality

If you think Gwinnett is a sought after employer in the area, you’d be right.

But Director of Talent Acquisition, Bill Ryan, says the highly regarded healthcare employer still has difficulty filling specialized positions.

“When it comes to allied and commodity positions, we have no problems hiring great talent,” said Ryan. “But when it comes to critical care nurses, imaging technicians, RNs within neonatal…we just can’t rest on our laurels.”

Ryan explains that in the past Gwinnett has been more passive in their recruiting approach. But with some innovative strategies and a powerful tool like Talemetry, they’ve become much more active and aggressive in competing for specialized talent.

Choosing Talemetry

Gwinnett’s main driver for implementing Talemetry was to replace a competing recruitment marketing solution, primarily to streamline their pre-applicant candidate experience. The driving factors for choosing Talemetry were its straightforward user interface for recruiters and better experience for candidate facing activities.

The initial launch phase took around 60 days for the first candidate experience roll out, utilizing Talemetry for new career sites, targeted landing pages, and talent networks. Phase two followed with additional configuration of Talemetry’s Source & CRM module for outbound sourcing.

Sourcing with Talemetry Source & CRM

When it came time to shift to more proactive recruiting strategies, Gwinnett discovered that Talemetry’s value extends far beyond providing consumer quality online candidate experiences.

Talemetry’s Source & CRM was just the ticket to allow Ryan and his team to be more innovative and proactive in acquiring specialized talent.

Recruiting Events

Hiring events form the core of Gwinnett’s current outbound hiring strategies. And Talemetry’s talent networks and landing page capabilities support the success of these events, both by creating micro environments to target specialized professions and by driving attendance to events.

Since going live with Talemetry, Gwinnett has held successful recruiting events for imaging, nursing, and respiratory jobs. In each case, they have leveraged their talent pool to drive registration, attendance, and hiring for these key job families.

Talemetry Source & CRM’s centralized talent pool contains all the candidates who’ve signed up for their talent networks as well as all other candidates who have otherwise interfaced with recruiters during the course of filling hundreds of positions annually.

“We’ll go into our larger talent pool and run a search for, say, imaging technicians and then email that list, using a targeted talent network to gather initial interest and invite them to the event,” said Ryan. “We’ve seen great response rates that have resulted in many quick hires.”

One big benefit is that Talemetry’s talent network opt-in process uses resume and social profile extraction technology to capture the candidate’s full resume data prior to the event. This simplifies onsite data collection, enabling Gwinnett recruiters to identify and prepare to engage with top talent.

Ryan notes that he often expands these campaigns beyond the target to related professionals because he has seen this result in good referrals from one profession to another.

Day to Day Sourcing

Ryan notes that Talemetry’s centralized talent pool has become a go-to tool for his recruiters for sourcing hard to fill positions. Gwinnett’s team includes eleven staff members focused on filling jobs. In order to make sure that their talent pool within Talemetry Source & CRM is providing the most value, Ryan schedules each recruiter for a week in which they are tasked with searching candidates, assigning them to open reqs, tagging them for future sourcing, and generally organizing the data so that its value grows over time. This practice has ensured full participation and adoption by recruiters.

Candidate Experience

As the primary driver for leaving their old system, Gwinnett has seen significant improvements in their online candidate experience since adopting Talemetry.

They have rolled out messaging built around their new “You Belong Here” employer branding and they’ve instituted talent networks targeted to key job families.

“Talemetry’s targeted talent network functionality does two things for our candidates,” said Ryan. “It allows them to get quick access to our organization and it simplifies that task with a five-step process to get in and drop off a resume, quickly expressing interest.”

And Gwinnett has recently rolled out Talemetry’s remarketing capabilities which automatically email candidates who have dropped out of the opt-in process to increase talent network completion rates.

As a result of these actions, a full 63% of all applications are now coming from Gwinnett’s career sites, as opposed to other, paid sources. This significantly reduces the overall spend required on external advertising.

Candidate Attraction

Finally, Gwinnett has leveraged Talemetry’s auto-broadcast capabilities to centrally automate their job posting to job boards, freeing up recruiters from posting and allowing them more time for outbound sourcing while dramatically increasing their applicants per job.

Talemetry’s auto-broadcast capability automatically posts jobs to Indeed, Careerbuilder, and DirectEmployers based on business rules, ensuring jobs get posted to the most effective sources quickly.

Gwinnett has seen their views per job go from 17 to over 100. This netted an increase of over 15,000 applicants per quarter.

This is a great example of utilizing technology to reduce costs and increase job board applicants, while shifting focus to new strategies

Gwinnett’S Results with Talemetry

Overall, Talemetry has supported Gwinnett in their transition toward more proactive recruiting and outbound sourcing.

Gwinnett Medical Center

Since implementing this outbound approach with Talemetry, Gwinnett has seen their talent pool grow by 42%.

They’ve been able to ramp up for recruiting events more quickly by leveraging their growing talent pool and targeted talent networks. One event took only 2 weeks from start to finish.

Ryan estimates the total number of hires from these events at 35.

Job board job views and applicants have more than doubled quarter over quarter.

Talemetry Service

Ryan is quick to point out that Talemetry’s service and support have been invaluable from implementation through to day to day support.

As with all Talemetry clients, Gwinnett gets the advantage of monthly quarterly and annual business evaluations with Talemetry’s client success team. Quarterly and annual reviews include strategic consulting, analyzing metrics and trends, and recommending additional steps for improving business results with Talemetry.

“I feel like I not only have a product partner but I also have a business partner that understands recruitment operations and technology that I can call on at any time,” said Ryan.

“They set the pace for customer service and anyone else we deal with gets compared to Talemetry.”

Next Steps

With all their Talemetry modules working together to support additional outbound and inbound recruitment marketing success, Gwinnett is preparing to take the next step of fully integrating Talemetry with their Infor applicant tracking system. The benefit will be a full 360 view of candidate metrics from first click through engagement to hire.

“Talemetry has been the perfect system for allowing us to roll out its capabilities in phases,” said Ryan. “This allows us to grow with the system, moving from one initiative to the next without overloading our team.”

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