Go Beyond Keyword Searching to Get More Value from Your Taleo Database


“We need to go beyond keyword searching to get the most out of our Taleo database. We know that we have excellent candidates in our talent pool but we can’t effectively source them back into our pipeline.”

“The gated entry to the application process is scaring away our candidates. We are able to attract good candidates to our jobs, but only 20-30% ever complete an application they have started.”

Does this sound familiar? These are common conversations our recruiting experts have with Oracle Taleo users. The Oracle Taleo ATS is a great system for processing applicants. Taleo offers great value to your organization. That’s once they are applicants. But first you need to get them to apply.

And your challenge is exasperated with the unprecedented low unemployment rates, more workers who are frequently changing jobs, and competition for the best resources.


To get the most value from your powerful Oracle Taleo ATS, recruiters need to work differently to attract great candidates. Here are a few suggestions on how:

Deliver a personalized, consumer-like candidate experience. Today’s online consumers are used to watching movies on Netflix and shopping on Amazon. They expect best-fit movies, products, and jobs to be recommended to them. They expect their candidate experience to mirror their consumer experience. They want their candidate experience to be easy, prescriptive, and intuitive.

Remove that gated entry. Studies show that gated entry can reduce your conversion rates by 50% or more. So while you’ve made the investment to attract candidates to your site and jobs, it’s all for nothing if they do not complete the application.

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Recognize that candidates are unique individuals. Candidates are not all the same. They are at different phases of their career, have different goals, needs, priorities, and backgrounds. They have diverse backgrounds, experiences, and interests. A persona-based recruitment marketing strategy will enable and empower recruiters to target the right candidates with the best-fit jobs and relevant messaging.

Own your candidate database. Build a proprietary CRM with good data about your candidates where you can identify targeted personas from not only your Taleo data but also your other data sources to segment target talent audiences and source intelligently or even automatically. In the Taleo world that means looking to the partner ecosystem for a system that is proven, validated by Oracle, and that you can scale to fit your needs.

Optimize inbound and outbound recruitment marketing strategies. Inbound strategies such as an easy to navigate career site, social recruiting, and job advertising that will attract great candidates. Outbound recruitment marketing including email campaigns, retargeting, and phone calls to targeted personas will ensure that you are reaching the best candidates for your open roles.

Put yourself in your candidate’s shoes. What would you want to learn about a job family, or department before joining your talent network? What content would be of interest to you? Where are you likely to find those candidates, specifically what job sites, networking groups, and social media? What do they know about your employer brand?New Call-to-action


You’ve made the investment in a robust ATS. So now how can you get more value from that ATS, hire great candidates faster, and reduce your reliance on expensive advertising, and just keeping your fingers crossed the right candidate will come along? Oracle Gold Partner Talemetry offers our customers the right technology and right process in place to see amazing results leveraging their Taleo ATS including application abandonment reduced by 75% and new hires from known talent up by 30%. Talent acquisition teams actively using Source and CRM and enhanced candidate experience tools, fully integrated to Taleo, are driving results and building the talent acquisition dataset they need going forward.

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