Global Recruitment Marketing Software Is Different


It seems to be popular for recruitment marketing platform vendors to hype their global recruitment marketing software. That's an easy designation to throw around, but what does it really mean?

Well, there's a short answer and a longer, more important answer.

The short answer is that a vendor may have clients with locations in other countries. And for many, that's all they need to throw the word around. They're a global provider.

But the longer definition is more important because there is much more involved in supporting the needs of truly global organizations with complex software requirements.

Global Means Extreme ComplexityBlue global technology background with the planet Earth map.jpeg

A global organization meets many or all of the following criteria:

  • Multiple operating units in several countries
  • Local language requirements across different locations
  • Localized brands and employer brands in multiple regions
  • Local compliance requirements in multiple regions
  • Different core software systems to integrate with in different regions
  • Multiple single sign-on schemes required across regions
  • Local, regional, and global (roll up) reporting requirements
  • Partitioned permissions and roles required for different regions with cross regional role and permission support
  • Regional support hours required across multiple regions

And we're just scratching the surface here.

As you can see, having an international client, or three, does not make your organization a global software provider. Nor does it magically anoint your system as a global recruitment marketing platform.

Global Recruitment Marketing Software Needs Specific Capabilities

In addition to these onerous software requirements to support large global organizations, recruitment marketing platforms need to have some specific recruitment marketing functionality, including:

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  • Integrations with regional job boards and resume databases
  • Multi-language resume and social profile parsing
  • Track record of integrating one system with multiple different applicant tracking systems in different regions
  • Search capabilities for multi-language resumes
  • Ability to segment talent pool by region via permissions
  • Ability to segment career sites by region
  • Smart job feeds that funnel correct jobs to correct brands, regions, career sites, and landing pages automatically
  • Multiple regional talent networks
  • Agency and employee referral portals with distinct rules and vendors per region

These are just some of the capabilities required to truly function as GLOBAL recruitment marketing software.

Talemetry Best Suited for Global Enterprises

In Aptitude Research's recent 2017 Recruitment Marketing Index, Talemetry was featured as one of only two vendors recognized as Best Suited for Global Enterprises. What's more, Talemetry was the only vendor that checked all the boxes for full recruitment marketing platform capabilities, while being best suited for global enterprises.

Of course, these global capabilities don't make Talemetry a better choice for every organization out there. But for the top tier of global enterprise employers who require extreme flexibility and global reach, compromising simply isn't an option.

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