Getting Winning Candidates Across the Finish Line


You’ve run great campaigns and have attracted great candidates to your website. Now you just need to get the winning candidates across the finish line. What are some best practices to ensure your candidates are converting?

Here are seven:

  1. Don’t require registration. Our research shows that 90% of the Fortune 500 career sites require candidates to create a registration with a new ID and password before they could complete their application. Based on our analysis, this requirement causes organizations to lose 50% of applicants. Give your candidates a positive candidate experience by making it easy and simple.Female athletes running towards finish line on track field.jpeg
  2. Offer a mobile optimized process, not just mobile accessible. While most companies do offer a mobile accessible career site, The Talent Board found that only 14% of candidates are completing applications on their mobile devices. Why? Because many of those career sites are not optimized for mobile devices, so it’s painful for candidates to complete applications on mobile.
  3. Leverage social profiles. Most applications require 50-100 fields of data. And most of that same data is likely readily available on the candidate’s social profile. You’re not hiring them for their data entry skills. Allow the candidate to pull the data from their social profile instead of asking them to re-enter all 50-100 fields of data.
  4. Offer cloud storage portability. Today’s on-the-go candidates leverage cloud based services such as Dropbox or Google Drive and often don’t have resume or CV files on their tablets or phones. Given the limited capability of local storage on popular tablets and phones, cloud storage is a huge miss. Make it a great candidate experience by allowing them to connect and upload their resume from their cloud storage service.
  5. Connect your recruiting efforts. Over 70% of the Fortune 500 has web content dedicated to campus recruiting programs or other hiring events, but many don’t give candidates the opportunity to register for those events from their career sites.
  6. Don’t force candidates to opt in to your talent network. This creates an unnecessary obstacle, distracts your candidate from applying, and most often leaves them frustrated with the need to provide duplicative information in sequential steps. Talent networks are a great tool, but don’t require candidates to join the talent network, especially if they are ready to apply for that job. Make it easy for your candidates.
  7. Suggest job alert subscription, before the point of account creation or the application CTA. Many job alerts opt-in are buried behind registration. And if this is the case, you are missing out on a simple form of remarketing.

Talemetry customers who have made changes like these have increased their application volume by 200-300%. Check out our Conversion Audit Insights Report for more details on best practices to increase your number of applications.

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