Five Ways to Thrive in Recruiting After Switching to Workday


Workday is the new rising star across enterprise organizations today. Many companies have made the decision to migrate to Workday as part of a larger organizational investment. And as part of this change, Workday Recruiting has become the obvious choice in applicant tracking systems to integrate with the Workday architecture. Yet with this significant change, many organizations find themselves not getting enough quality candidates into their new ATS and are left wondering how to improve recruiting within their new organizational landscape.

Thrive with WorkdayWorkday has definitely caused a stir in the market. According to a recent HR Exec article by Bill Kutik, “It’s hard to argue with Workday’s HCM client list of more than 2,100: 175 of the Fortune 500, 20 of the Fortune 50 with Walmart and Dow Chemical going live this year.” But well-known HR technology thought leaders, like William Tincup, have been quick to question the popularity of Workday, particularly when recruiting practitioners appear so frustrated with the Workday Recruiting solution.

The real question is, now that you’re invested in Workday, how can you attract and engage more candidates to get them into your new ATS? Or more simply, how can you thrive after such a big change? Here’s a list of five ways that will enable you to do just that:

#1: Invest in Your Own Talent Database

Since you’ve made the move to Workday, it’s clear that you need a way to build your own proprietary talent database of candidates from multiple sources so you can have ready access to talent, effectively engage candidates and nurture them through to the apply process in Workday Recruiting. Leveraging an integrated recruitment marketing platform that directly integrates with Workday Recruiting, like the leading enterprise platform from Talemetry, you can build your own talent database from internal and external sources where you find top talent. Then you can search all of your talent sources for candidates and add them to current jobs or pipelines for future hiring.

You can also segment your talent database to develop targeted outreach through outbound marketing. By building relationships with individuals in your talent database and delivering engaging content to candidates, you can continue to nurture them throughout the recruitment process. This addresses one of the primary challenges you may have now with Workday Recruiting and transforms your organization into a 24/7 recruiting and sourcing machine.

#2: Provide a Personalized Candidate Experience

Organizations using Workday Recruiting are typically limited in their ability to deploy a more personalized candidate experience and often lack a full content management system to amplify their employee value proposition (EVP) content and employer brand. At a time when candidate expectations now mirror consumer-quality experiences, your organization must get smarter in how it interacts with candidates and begin converting candidates at an individual level.

So how can you gain insight into individual interactions with your content? It takes the right technology to identify how and when individual candidates are engaging with your recruitment messaging. With solutions like Career Site ID from Talemetry, you can leverage all your candidate data to personalize and contextualize content on your career site to individuals, and then integrate that into a CRM platform for candidate outreach. Using this information to directly communicate with and tailor recruitment messages to individual candidates empowers you to start personalizing each candidate journey and improve conversion results at the individual level.

#3: Prioritize Machine Learning from Google

To drive more career site traffic and engagement, Google Cloud now offers Cloud Talent Solution. This AI solution automatically detects and infers using a variety of data. Commute search and profile search provide candidates an enhanced talent acquisition experience. Now that you are using Workday Recruiting, you can easily access Cloud Talent Solution on Talemetry Career Sites. The integration of Talemetry Career Sites with Cloud Talent Solution surpasses standard keyword searches by offering machine learning to better understand the intent of candidates in their job search process. This directly impacts career site engagement and increases overall candidate conversion.

#4: Simplify the Application Process

Conversion should be the goal of every interaction with your candidates, and it can take many forms in recruiting. Whether it’s getting candidates to sign up for job alerts, opt in to your talent network or eventually to apply for open positions, the emphasis of your conversion efforts should be on capturing information to increase what you know about candidates each step of the recruitment process. One of the easiest and most important ways you can increase your application conversion rates is to offer a simple, intuitive application process for candidates. This is just one of the ways leading organizations can improve their conversion rates.

Talemetry Apply works directly with Workday Recruiting, so you can easily and automatically extract resume and social profile data into Workday. You can even define custom application workflows with full analytics to improve conversion and streamline the candidate experience. Candidates can leave an application when interrupted, and return to it at their convenience on the device they were using so that applicant drop-off is mitigated. Talemetry Apply makes it easy for candidates to apply using their social and cloud based profiles and resumes, streamlining the application process, reducing data entry and providing candidates with a modern user experience. Plus, with our partnership and direct integration with Indeed, you can enable candidates to apply from Indeed Apply with the easy-to-use Talemetry Apply process.

#5: Start Measuring Recruiting Analytics

To make the investment in Workday valuable for recruiting, you have to be able to measure what is working. You need integrated analytics that identify true source-to-hire data, identify your most effective campaigns and determine where your best talent is coming from. This deep level of pre-application data is not available in Workday, so it’s essential to leverage an enterprise recruitment marketing platform, like the leading platform offered by Talemetry.

Talemetry offers robust, real-time recruiting analytics to track the effectiveness of your recruiting efforts. This means you can measure and refine candidate sourcing activity, improve candidate engagement, pinpoint roadblocks and drive recruiting effectiveness.

The Choice Is Now Yours

Whether or not you made the choice to migrate to Workday, you do have a choice in how you respond to the challenges you’ve faced with your new ATS. You can choose to optimize recruiting, and to make Workday Recruiting more effective and valuable for your organization, for your recruiters, and most importantly, for your candidates. But remember, it’s up to you to do more than just survive. You can choose to thrive.


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