Candidate Experience Technology Tops the Shopping List for 2017


Organizations are taking candidate experience and candidate satisfaction seriously in 2017. Talemetry's latest report The 2017 Recruitment Marketing Technology Survey revealed that online career site and online job application technology are the top two areas that organizations are investing in for 2017.

The long building trend of providing consumer quality online candidate experiences is continuing to take hold as organizations focus on significant leverage points within the candidate journey.

Talemetry Recruitment Marketing SurveyIn the past, many organizations went out of their way to delight the candidates they knew about: The ones that rose to the level of getting an interview. More and more, recruiting organizations are recognizing that most potential candidates never get that far.

In fact, Talemetry's own data shows that 97% of potential applicants who visit a company's career site never even fill out an application. And pretty much every candidate who views a job ad, responds to an email, clicks through a social job posting, speaks with a recruiter, or otherwise hears about an open opportunity, ends up on an organization's corporate career site.

So investing in providing better experiences represents significant potential for increasing candidate flow. Increasing the visitor to applicant conversion rate by just one point from 3% to 4% results in 1/3 more applicants (trust us, the math works).

Furthermore, in today's world of low unemployment and hard to hire specialized talent, dated and clumsy career sites and applications destroy employer brands. Companies looking for the best and brightest can have a slick website, cool videos, and killer benefits. But if the first and only way for the candidate to engage with the company is an employment application that feels like a late 90s loan application, all brand goodwill disappears.

New Call-to-actionWith the number of digital natives in the workforce these days representing both GenY and GenZ, another significant challenge is making sure that career site web experiences are mobile optimized. Not mobile enabled, but optimized. Organizations are discovering that fitting web pages and applications into a phone form factor doesn't cut it.

The mobile candidate experience requires new approaches with new processes that current mobile enabled career sites and applications don't provide. For example, leveraging cloud resumes and online profiles for applying and using 2-step apply processes that allow mobile candidates to quickly indicate interest and finish the formal process later. Using more video, and streamlining and enlarging text are both big factors in remixing desktop-optimized career pages for mobile. We cover more best practices here.

For more information about recruitment marketing technology challenges, strategies and initiatives for 2017, download the survey results here.

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