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These days, more and more conversations are moving from phone and email to text – even recruiting conversations! Talemetry Intelligent Messaging makes it easy for recruiters to talk to job seekers where they’re most likely to respond. With new Intelligent Messaging features you can accelerate your hiring process with an intuitive platform for organizing, tracking, and even automating text conversations. 

Today, resourceful recruiters are texting their talent pool. According to the latest Job Seeker Nation reporttwo-thirds (64%) of workers who received a text message after applying for a job preferred this type of communication over email or phone call.  That preference translates into higher response rates and in turn more applicants and faster time to hire. 

But that resourcefulness comes with risks. If recruiters are left to text with candidates from their personal phone number, then there’s no centralization, no oversight, no reporting, and no repeatability.  

HR teams need a texting solution built for talent acquisition. 

More advanced recruiting tools now available with Talemetry Intelligent Messaging 

Talemetry Intelligent Messaging gives recruiters and recruitment marketers an easy-to-use tool for texting talent individually or en masse, plus tools for scaling and automating those conversations.  


With textbot, recruiters can assess and prioritize job seekers without tapping a finger. Job seekers simply answer a customizable series of questions and are tagged, and textbot takes the desired action based on their responses. And since textbot is available 24/7 to handle thousands of simultaneous assessments, recruiters are free to focus on your best fit candidates.   

 Mass text campaigns 

Take your recruitment marketing beyond email with the ability to send a text to thousands of job seekers, keeping your talent pools engaged. Responses to mass texts kick off one-to-one conversation threads. 

 Resume parser 

Job seekers can simply text a photo or screenshot of their resume and their candidate profile is automatically updated with contact information and employment history. No more time-consuming manual date entry for your candidates or your recruiters.  

 Part of Talemetry Candidate Relationship Management (CRM) 

Because Talemetry Intelligent Messaging is inherent to the Talemetry CRM, texting happens where recruiters are already working and where candidate profiles are stored. There’s no new vendor to manage, database to maintain, or tool to log into. Reporting is centralized so you can see your texting performance alongside other recruitment marketing metrics. 

If you’re not using a CRM solution to drive your recruitment marketing (and here’s why you should consider starting)Talemetry Intelligent Messaging also integrates with all major traditional applicant tracking systems including WorkdayTaleo, Smart Recruiters, Zoho, SuccessFactors, and others.  

How top talent acquisition teams are leveraging Talemetry Intelligent Messaging 

  • Recruiters can send a mass text to thousands of relevant job seekers in their talent network, encouraging job seekers to attend an upcoming recruiting event, apply new requisitions on the company’s careers site, check out an employee testimonial video, and more. Miguel Martinez, recruiter for Five Guys explains, “Text enables us to reach out to candidates that do not keep up with their emails or unknown numbers on their phone.”   

    This ability to connect with hard-to-reach candidates delivers real results. With Talemetry Intelligent Messaging Allison Transmission has seen a 70% candidate response rate, a dramatic increase over email response rates.  

  • Recruiters can also share out a short code – a special 5- or 6-digit telephone number used to send and receive text messages – encouraging job seekers to apply to an open req. Job seekers who text that number engage with a textbot that asks them a handful of questions about their qualifications, automatically surfacing the best fit candidates to the recruiter for follow up.   

    Using Talemetry Intelligent Messaging’s textbot, OpenTable screened 10x more candidates per day. Similar results were also seen by talent sourcer, George Cobb, at Arkansas Children’s Hospital who shared “This is a game changer! This is how you get RN’s to respond! We set up tons of interviews yesterday in a fraction of the time we normally do.” 

  • Once a recruiter has identified an interested, promising candidate from their talent pool and is having a one-to-one text conversation, she can ask the candidate to simply text them a photo of his most recent resume. The photo is sent and the contact info and work history in the resume is parsed into the candidate record. Thanks to Talemetry Intelligent Messaging, Community Health increased their application processing speed by 42%.  

    Not only does resume parsing save recruiters time, it also saves candidates time and delivers a better candidate experience, which helps to bolster the employer brand. Scott Day​, SVP of People and Culture at OpenTable makes the case: “To stay ahead of the competition, the recruiting process has to be quick, easy and painless for the candidate.  Candidates seem to have appreciated the flexible outreach, as much as we have appreciated the efficiency.”​ 

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